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Register Now: Fund Development Overview (Virtual)

Dates: Thursdays, February 4 – March 25, 2021, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Online Education – Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: Individual Modules $65 each; Package Price (8 modules) $349
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This course is an overview essential for those responsible for fund development/revenue generation for their non-profit organization.

Module 1 – Terms and Trends
An introduction to Fundraising and Fund Development, including current trends.

Module 2 – Defining the Message
Delve into the Mission of your organization and create a case statement for creating lasting relationships with donors.

Module 3 – First Time Giving and Annual Repeat Giving
A deeper look at the Donor Pyramid, Donor Lifestyle, motivations for giving, and effective donor management strategies.

Module 4 – Consistent Donors, Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Continuing to move up the Donor Pyramid, how to attract, retain and build relationships with these donors.

Module 5 – Earned Income
A look at other revenue generation, fee-for-service activities, programs and services that fit with your organization’s mission and mandate.

Module 6 – Corporate Sponsorships & Donations, Foundation & Government Grants
Understand the difference between sponsorships and donations; learn what corporations, foundations and governments are looking for in your project/program proposals.

Module 7 – Stewardship & Renewal
Understand Donor Stewardship and the relationship to moving donors up the Donor Pyramid.

Module 8 – Strategic Review
Taking the information and learnings from the 7 previous modules to create a plan with priorities and goals for your organization’s fund development.
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