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KCR Community Resources - Okanagan Volunteer Fair - 2021

Okanagan Volunteer Fair

The Okanagan Volunteer Fair is an event that happens every 3rd Saturday in September at the Parkinson Recreation Centre. Join us at the next Okanagan Volunteer Fair on Saturday, September 16th, 2023, to learn more about local non-profit organizations and the various types of opportunities they have available throughout the Central Okanagan! This event is free to anyone who is interested in volunteering.

Volunteer with KCR Community Resources

KCR has a variety of volunteer opportunities within our programs. View our current volunteer opportunities.
You can also view our current opportunities on the VolunteerConnector.



We are honoured to be a regional host of the VolunteerConnector. This volunteer recruitment platform will help you find more volunteer opportunities in the Central Okanagan. The platform is very user-friendly; we are confident that it will help you find the right volunteer opportunities for you!

The VolunteerConnector was created to improve your volunteering experience by connecting you to opportunities that are meaningful to you and that match your skills and interests.

The VolunteerConnector has many exciting features that will make it easier for you to find out what is happening in the Central Okanagan. Some of these features include the ability to:

        • Create and save a personal profile, which stops you from having to complete multiple application forms
        • Follow the organizations that you are most interested in and stay informed when they post new positions
        • Select the volunteer shifts that work best for you and keep a schedule of all your volunteer commitments
        • Track all of your volunteer hours
        • Tailor your search results based on your personal skills and interests

        You can start using the VolunteerConnector and begin searching for your next volunteer position by following the steps below:

          1. Follow the links to the new platform or click here
          2. Enter your email
          3. Check your email to confirm registration
          4. Create a password and log on to the VolunteerConnector
          5. Create a profile
          6. Check out the site and browse all of the organizations and follow those of interest to you to stay up-to-date on the positions they are advertising for
          7. Search Browse Opportunities to see all the volunteer positions in your community
          8. Apply to the positions you are most interested in to start volunteering!

        Got questions? We got answers! Email us at volunteer@kcr.ca or call Dorothee at 250.763.8008 ext. 254.



        Do you need some help finding the perfect volunteer opportunity? Join the Volunteers4All program!

        This unique matching program offers you one-on-one support to connect you to the right opportunity that will help you on your journey to volunteer or to find meaningful employment.

        Meet with our Volunteer4All Coordinator to:

          • Determine your goals

          • Build a personalized plan

          • Learn about opportunities

          • Get certification of skills

        • Get started

        The Coordinator will be with you every step of the way and support you on your journey. We value inclusion and people with diverse backgrounds and abilities. The Volunteers4All program is open to everyone.

        Contact us today to learn more and sign up:

        Email: community@kcr.ca

        Phone: 250-763-8008 ext. 254

        Get Involved: Central Okanagan

        Download your copy of the current Get Involved: Central Okanagan magazine and learn all about the organizations from the Annual Okanagan Volunteer Fair.

        Resources For Volunteers


        VolunteerConnector – Information Sheet for Volunteers
        VolunteerConnector - Information Sheet for Volunteers

        VolunteerConnector – Information Sheet for Organizations
        VolunteerConnector - Information Sheet for Organizations

        VolunteerConnector – Setup Instructions for Organizations
        VolunteerConnector - Organization Profile - Setup Instructions

        VolunteerConnector Learning & Support Page

        How to Create a VolunteerConnector Account

        How to Edit your VolunteerConnector Profile

        Information Sheets

        Bringing Volunteers Back in Person
        KCR Community Resources - Bringing Volunteers Back in Person

        Managing Virtual Volunteers
        KCR Community Resources - Managing Virtual Volunteers

        Recruiting Virtual Volunteers
        KCR Community Resources - Recruiting Virtual Volunteers

        Upcoming Workshops

        Grant Writing Essentials
        Limited resources are the norm for non-profit organizations. With grants becoming more competitive and difficult to attain, many organizations have had even less to work with to meet increased needs in the community. KCR and our team of local fund development specialists can help you build your skills and master effective techniques in preparing and writing your next grant proposal during this six-module workshop!

        Overview of Volunteer Management
        Volunteers are vital to the success of many organizations. Heading into a post-pandemic season, it is integral for volunteer managers to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of a successful volunteer program. This eight-week training workshop is specifically designed to guide and help new and existing volunteer managers achieve their organization’s mission, as well as the goals and interests of their volunteers. Content is based on Canadian research and best practices, as well as the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement. Re-charge your volunteer program today and effectively mobilize our community’s change makers!

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