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Media Release
Photos and videos will be taken at this event and may be used in KCR Community Resources’ promotional materials. By registering for our events, you grant KCR Community Resources full rights to use the media captured at the event. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform an event organizer or facilitator.

KCR Refund Policy
Up to 4 days prior to the workshop: non-refundable amount = $50.00 (Effective July 31, 2012)

3 days or less: non-refundable amount = $100.00 (Effective July 31, 2012)

Introducing Hybrid Workshops
As we shift towards a new season of post-pandemic workplaces, many organizations have recently turned to finding ways to effectively host hybrid meetings. KCR Community Resources is excited to introduce and utilize our sophisticated Meeting Owl for a seamless hybrid meeting experience. Most of our upcoming workshops will be offered through a hybrid format, which will allow participants to join either by attending in person or via Zoom. Our Meeting Owl provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the room, enhanced microphone and surround audio, and an intelligent zooming camera that automatically detects and focuses on the speaker, ensuring that remote attendees feel like they’re part of the room. Our remote attendees will be displayed on our large HD screen as if they were sitting around the table with the rest of the participants. Our Meeting Owl is guaranteed to enable engaging and collaborative hybrid meetings between in-person and remote participants.

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Fund Development Overview (Hybrid)

KCR Community Resources - Fund Development Overview
Dates: Check back for Fall 2024
Remote Attendees – Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: Individual Modules $65 each; Package Price (8 modules) $349

Are you seeking to gain a higher level of understanding in non-profit fundraising? Is it your goal to develop a culture of fund development within your organization? Are you responsible for creating the Fund Development Plan for your organization? If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions, then the Fund Development Overview is for you!

With funding from the Central Okanagan Foundation, KCR Community Resources is offering a completely revised eight-module Fund Development Overview workshop starting October 12. The curriculum is updated to reflect current and emerging trends, including comprehensive, diversified, and focused fundraising plans for non-profits. It also highlights information on moving events to virtual/hybrid formats, as well as information on special events and grants. The curriculum offers conceptual learning and experiential activities, and participants will be able to work on their organization’s fund development plan during the program.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Understand the current trends and opportunities in fund development
  • Explore various fundraising resources and approaches
  • Build strategic relationships with funders
  • Apply effective donor recruitment strategies and increase donor retention
  • Learn best practices and apply concrete tools to support your organization’s fundraising efforts

Read more about the modules here

Disruptive Leadership (Hybrid)

KCR Community Resources - Disruptive Leadership
Dates: Sessions will be held on the first Tuesday of every month* from November 2023 to April 2024
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Location: Hybrid- online and in-person at Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society, 442 Leon Ave, Kelowna
Remote Attendees – Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: Sliding Scale, $500 – $1200

Are you looking for ways to embed Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) values in your organization? Do you want to train and support leaders to manage disruptive organizational change? Do you have emerging and experienced leaders who want to participate in an innovative program developed for and with the Kelowna area community?

United Way British Columbia and KCR Community Resources have developed the Disruptive Leadership Program, a six full-day program, to support leaders in understanding and demonstrating the values of JEDI and leading disruptive change in their organizations.

Learn more

Nourishing Volunteer Managers (Hybrid)

Dates: Ongoing – 3rd Tuesday of every month* starting October 2023

*except April which is on Tuesday – April 23, 2024

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Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm (11:30am – 1:30pm if you’d like to chat and network before or after!)

Location: Hybrid- online and in-person at KCR Community Resources, 620 Leon Ave, Kelowna

Remote Attendees – Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required

Cost: Free

The Nourishing Volunteer Managers series are monthly meetings dedicated for Volunteer Managers to gather, connect, and support each other while learning about topics relevant to managing volunteers, self-care, and professional development.

REGISTER NOW for this month’s session.

Board Boot Camps

Are you a volunteer Director on a non-profit Board? Are you a staff member and want to better understand the role of the Board? Then Board Boot Camp is for you! We offer community sessions which are open to everyone, as well as private, in-service workshops that are also a great team-building opportunity. Taking part in Board Boot Camps will give you the confidence and knowledge to be strong and knowledgeable directors or staff, as well as setting you up for success at exploring and attaining your next big opportunity!

Board Boot Camp 101: Introduction

KCR Community Resources - Board Boot Camp 101 - Introduction
Someone has asked you to join their Board, but you are not sure what is involved and how you can contribute. You have the desire and motivation to help, but aren’t sure how and what is expected of you. Board Boot Camp 101 will help you explore and understand the non-profit sector, increase your understanding of a director’s role and responsibilities, as well as assist you in asking some critical questions before committing.

In-Service – Get your whole Board on Board! Learn together how Boards need to function, the difference between working and governance boards and how to move from one to the other. Help your Board move forward together. Contact:

Board Boot Camp 201: Executive Committee

KCR Community Resources - Board Boot Camp 201 - Executive Committee
Board Boot Camp 201 will help you gain a deeper understanding of Boards, especially the Executive Committee. Be the best for your organization by learning about effective qualities of leaders and your personal leadership style. Understand the separation between the Board and staff, and the relationship between the senior staff and the Chair of the Board. Learn how to run timely and effective meetings, as well as mastering the best ways to retain and attract directors.

In-Service – Get your whole Board on Board! Learn together how Boards need to function, the difference between working and governance boards and how to move from one to the other. Help your Board move forward together. Contact:

Overview of Volunteer Management (Hybrid)

KCR Community Resources - Overview of Volunteer Management 

Interested in OVM? Please let us know you’re availability here!

Cost: $349

Volunteers are vital to the success of many organizations. Heading into a post-pandemic season, it is integral for volunteer managers to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of a successful volunteer program. This eight-week training workshop is specifically designed to guide and help new and existing volunteer managers achieve their organization’s mission, as well as the goals and interests of their volunteers. Content is based on Canadian research and best practices, as well as the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement. Re-charge your volunteer program today and effectively mobilize our community’s change makers!

You will:

      • Implement an effective volunteer management strategy

      • Master the volunteer engagement, recruitment, and retention cycle

      • Understand and strategically respond to current emerging issues

      • Harness the complexities of leadership

  • Market successful volunteer programs

Special Features:

      • Learn in a variety of ways, including hands-on practice

      • Learn from talented specialists who have worked, or are working, in the field

      • Learn with a network of peers faced with the same challenges

  • Learn from valuable reference materials and sample forms that you can use back on the job the very next day

Grant Writing Essentials (Hybrid)

KCR Community Resources - Grant Writing Essentials
Dates: 6 weeks, Thursdays, Aug 8 – Sept 12, 2024
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Hybrid- online and in-person at KCR Community Resources, 620 Leon Ave, Kelowna
Remote Attendees – Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: Individual Modules $65 each; Package Price $299

Limited resources are the norm for non-profit organizations. With grants becoming more competitive and difficult to attain, many organizations have had even less to work with to meet increased needs in the community. KCR and our team of local fund development specialists can help you build your skills and master effective techniques in preparing and writing your next grant proposal during this six-module workshop!

From Logic Models to Telling a Compelling Story, to Making Sense of the Dollars and Packaging a Professional Submission, this course will help you bring in the dollars for your organization.

All participants should have an idea for a new or existing project or program that their organization is seeking grant funding for, as well as a reasonable understanding of the operation of the project or program.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop

Dates: For in-service options, Email to schedule a workshop for your organization

Our communities and organizations are increasingly diverse. Ensuring these spaces are safe, just and welcoming for all is everyone’s responsibility and is also an opportunity. Participating in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training as a team, organization or workplace allows you to learn, connect and reflect together and also personally on these important issues. Diversity and Inclusion are critical for organizations and for us as individuals.

This course introduces and explores the topics of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and why they matter. The curriculum is relevant to those both new to and familiar with diversity and inclusion work. For everyone, there is sure to be an “Aha!” moment. Participants will gain personal growth by sharing different perspectives, gaining tools and building new understanding.

The DEI workshop is offered in two, 3-hour workshops. We are also available for private, in-service workshops for your organization or team, with options of in-person, virtual, and hybrid format. Please contact for more information.

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