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KCR Refund Policy
Up to 4 days prior to the workshop: non-refundable amount = $50.00 (Effective July 31, 2012)
3 days or less: non-refundable amount = $100.00 (Effective July 31, 2012)


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Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond
Overview of Volunteer Management
Fund Development Overview
Diversity & Inclusion Workshop
Board Boot Camp 101
Board Boot Camp 201
Grant Writing Essentials
Non-Profit Town Hall with Norm Letnick
Legal 101
Networking for Nonprofits


Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond (Virtual)

KCR Community Resources - Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond
Dates: June 22 & 29, 2021, 1:30 - 3:00 pm
Location: Online Education - Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: Free
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KCR Community Resources is excited to invite you and your organization to join us virtually as we explore Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond. Our content will be focused on information pertaining to supporting volunteers aged 55+ but will be applicable to volunteers of any age group. The workshops are part of KCR's Volunteer55 Project. During these free interactive workshops, we will present current information and pose questions to stimulate discussion. Informational materials and resources will be included.

In these workshops, we will explore the latest trends and tools in:

Okanagan Volunteer Fair 2021

Enhancing relationships with your volunteers
Addressing volunteer needs and goals

Virtual Volunteerism
Creating/Adapting virtual volunteer opportunities
Digital volunteer training

Social Media
Social media tool kit

In addition to learning about these topics, the workshops will provide an opportunity for you as experts in the field of volunteerism to share your experience and knowledge with each other.

These workshops are for all Central Okanagan organizations that rely on volunteers to carry out their mission.


Overview of Volunteer Management (Virtual)

KCR Community Resources - Overview of Volunteer Management

Dates: Thursdays, May 6 - June 24, 2021, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Online Education - Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: $349
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Join us for eight 3-hour modules over Zoom that will help you attract and retain volunteers. Content is based on Canadian research, best practices and the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement. Re-charge your Volunteer Program and get back to engaging volunteers today. Read more about the 8 modules here.

You will:

  • Master the volunteer retention cycle
  • Understand current and emerging issues
  • Harness the complexities of leadership
  • Market successful volunteer programs

Special Features:

  • Learn in a variety of ways including hands-on practice
  • Learn from talented specialists who have worked, or are working, in the field
  • Learn with a network of peers faced with the same challenges
  • Learn from valuable reference materials and sample forms that you can use back on the job the very next day


Fund Development Overview (Virtual)

KCR Workshop: Fund Development Overview

Dates: Coming Soon
Location: Online Education - Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: Individual Modules $65 each; Package Price (8 modules) $349

Thanks to funding from the Central Okanagan Foundation, KCR Community Resources is offering a completely updated eight module Fund Development Overview, facilitated by fundraising professionals Kathy Butler (CFRE) and Shannon Jolley, who have been working on updating the curriculum. Starting February 4, this workshop will be critical for individuals that are responsible for creating the Fund Development Plan for their organizations, especially in these turbulent times.

Kathy Butler, CEO of Circumference Consulting and Senior Consultant with Global Philanthropic Canada, had already started updating the modules to reflect emerging trends and new information, when COVID changed everything, including how non-profits are able to fundraise.

"Those organizations that did not have a fundraising plan, have really suffered," says Butler. "Organizations absolutely need a plan and especially a comprehensive plan. It should be diversified but focussed and it looks at all of the opportunities that are available to the organization."

Shannon Jolley, a member of the Association of Fund Development and Development Manager with JDRF, created a new part of the curriculum focussed on special events and grants, including information on moving events to virtual formats.

The workshop will be delivered virtually, Thursday mornings from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon and is intended for adult learners and professionals in charge of their organization's fundraising activities. The curriculum offers conceptual learning and experiential activities and participants will work on their organization's fund development plan during the program.

Module 1 - Terms and Trends
An introduction to Fundraising and Fund Development, including current trends.

Module 2 - Defining the Message
Delve into the Mission of your organization and create a case statement for creating lasting relationships with donors.

Module 3 - First Time Giving and Annual Repeat Giving
A deeper look at the Donor Pyramid, Donor Lifestyle, motivations for giving, and effective donor management strategies.

Module 4 - Consistent Donors, Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Continuing to move up the Donor Pyramid, how to attract, retain and build relationships with these donors.

Module 5 - Earned Income
A look at other revenue generation, fee-for-service activities, programs and services that fit with your organization’s mission and mandate.

Module 6 - Corporate Sponsorships & Donations, Foundation & Government Grants
Understand the difference between sponsorships and donations; learn what corporations, foundations and governments are looking for in your project/program proposals.

Module 7 - Stewardship & Renewal
Understand Donor Stewardship and the relationship to moving donors up the Donor Pyramid.

Module 8 - Strategic Review
Taking the information and learnings from the 7 previous modules to create a plan with priorities and goals for your organization’s fund development.


Diversity & Inclusion Workshop (Virtual)

KCR Community Resources - Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

Dates: TBA
Location: Online Education
Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required

As the Central Okanagan is quickly diversifying, it is essential that it continues to grow and strive towards an inclusive community. These workshops are being offered to foster equitable and inclusive educational opportunities within the Central Okanagan community. Through these workshops, we aim to cultivate broader community awareness, as we encourage organizations to develop inclusive spaces and embrace new equitable practices.

Join us for a 2-part workshop that introduces and explores the topics of justice; equity; diversity; and inclusion (JEDI).

The first workshop will present a historical and current community scan of the region, introduce the ideas and importance of JEDI work, and establish common language and concepts such as privilege, marginalization, and intersectionality. The second session provided one week later will offer attendees a deeper dive on how concepts introduced in the first workshop impact their organizations and communities.

This workshop will support attendees to make and implement plans to incorporate JEDI principles into their workplaces, and community as a whole. This will be done through experiential learning, including guidance on equitable hiring practices, recruitment and retention strategies, and accountability.

These workshops are open to individuals and organizations - non-profit; government; health; education; cultural; and, diverse community groups, as well as the community-at-large. All attendees should attend both workshops, as they are closely linked.

This pilot workshop is offered free of charge thanks to funding provided by:
The City of Kelowna, the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada


Board Boot Camp 101: Introduction (Virtual)

KCR Community Resources: Board Boot Camp 101 - Introduction

Date: Coming Soon
Location: Online Education - Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: $25 pp - payment required prior to workshop

You’re standing on the sidelines of your daughter’s soccer game, completely engaged in the game. A parent approaches you and says, "Hey, you’ve come to every game and practice. You must really enjoy watching her play". You nod in the affirmative, eyes still on your daughter. The parent then says, "We're looking for a few parents to help us out organizing the soccer club. Can you stay after the game to chat for a bit?" Still absorbed in the game, you nod your head and say "Sure!" – anything for your daughter. The game ends: your daughter’s team played a great game against a worthy opposing team and you’re both excitedly breaking down the plays. The same parent beckons you over to where they, the coach, and a few other parents are standing. Uh-oh. What did you agree to?!

Often, this is how many of us start our volunteer 'careers': someone asks us to “help”, and we agree to become involved, not necessarily knowing or understanding the scope of what we’re taking on. What we do know is that we want to help and are likely passionate about the cause, club, or issue that we’ve been invited to participate in.

Do you want to make an impact in our community by becoming a member of a board of directors for a charity or not-for-profit?

Board Boot Camp 101 will help you:

  • Understand the not-for-profit sector
  • Prepare questions to ask before saying "Yes"
  • Increase your understanding of a Board member’s role and responsibilities

**Get your whole Board on Board ... Ask about having us do a Board Boot Camp in-service for your organization.


Board Boot Camp 201: Executive Committee (Virtual)

KCR Community Resources: Board Boot Camp 201 - Executive Committee

Date: Coming Soon
Location: Online Education - Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: $25 pp - payment required prior to workshop

It’s 6:30 pm. You've been up since 6:00 am and have just put in a full day at work. Your head and stomach are telling you it’s time for dinner. And you’re still sitting in a not-for-profit board meeting that started at 4:30 … which was supposed to wrap up at 5:45 pm. Suddenly, you hear, "I nominate [your name] for Board Chair". What?!

Maybe your appointment as Chair of your favourite not-for-profit wasn’t quite so dramatic. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones that served as Vice-Chair for a term before becoming Chair. Even so, most future Chairs of not-for-profit Boards are not prepared (read: groomed) to take over the leadership position.

Board Boot Camp 201 will give you a quick primer and overview to become the best leader you can be for your not-for-profit organization. Learn effective qualities of leaders and your personal leadership style. Understand the separation between the Board and staff, and between the senior staff and the Chair. Find how to run your meetings timely and effectively - one of the best ways to retain current directors and attract new ones! And, when you think you or your organization might need outside help, explore the circumstances when going outside for expertise is of benefit to your organization.

**Get your whole Board on Board ... Ask about having us do a Board Boot Camp in-service for your organization.


Grant Writing Essentials (Virtual)

KCR Community Resources - Grant Writing Essentials

Dates: Coming Spring 2021
Location: TBA
Cost: Individual Modules $65 each; Package Price $299

All participants should have an idea for a new or existing project or program that:

  • Their organization is seeking grant funding for; and
  • They have a reasonable understanding of the operation of the project or program.

Module 1 - Starting with the End in Mind
Understand the in’s and out’s of Project Logic Models – Inputs, Outputs and most importantly Outcomes! In addition, learn to develop a project timeline and program evaluation tools for outcome measurement.

Module 2 - Unlocking Your Funding Potential
Learn about the different types of funding available and how to find the appropriate funder for your agency’s needs.

Module 3 - Crafting a Compelling Story
Review the components of most grant applications. Learn to describe the need for the program/project in the community.

Module 4 - Making Sense of the Dollars
Review program expenses and revenues differentiate between indirect and direct costs, understand how to value-in-kind contributions, calculate matching funds and assess your program sustainability capacity.

Module 5 - Cultivating Lasting Relationships
Understand the importance of funders’ guidelines, explore effective project partners and how to obtain letters of support, improve participant impact stories and testimonials, and discover alternative opportunities to engage with your funder.

Module 6 - Packaging a Professional Submission
This workshop requires participants to bring a draft grant application that is close to completion for feedback and review. Explore common grant proposal pitfalls, ensure compliance with funder expectations, engage in peer review of your grant proposal for feedback and fine-tuning.


Non-Profit Town Hall with Norm Letnick

Our Non-Profit Town Halls with Norm Letnick have been a great success, offering insight into how non-profit organizations have been impacted by the pandemic and how they have shifted to ensure they meet community needs and are able to continue operations. Thank you to our panellists for sharing their stories and for the work that they and their organizations are doing. A big thank you to MLA Norm Letnick for moderating these sessions and for his commitment to supporting the community.

View our previous recorded Town Halls on our YouTube channel:


Legal 101 for Non-Profit Organizations

KCR Community Resources - Legal 101 for Non-Profit Organizations

Cost: Free
Learn about your legal obligations and how to minimize your risks as a Not for Profit in this new series funded by the Law Foundation of BC.

View our past recorded Legal 101 Workshops on our YouTube channel:


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