Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Are you a Newcomer to Canada? Are you looking to re-enter your career?

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants is a FREE employment skills and training program specifically designed to assist New Permanent Residents (in the last 10 years) to re-enter their career in Canada.

Specifically designed for newcomers to Canada, we offer one-on-one personalized pre-employment coaching.

Our services include:

  • Action planning tailored to your career goals 
  • Skills enhancement opportunities
  • Job search support for your targeted occupation
  • Mentoring and networking opportunities
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Access to funding for training, upgrading courses and professional licenses
  • English and workplace language training

Our goal is to help you adjust to Canadian work culture and to assist your professional growth in your chosen industry.

We offer a specialized program for professionals with experience in:

  • Corporate sales managers 
  • Retail and wholesale trade managers
  • Restaurant and food service manager
  • Insurance, Real estate and financial brokerage managers
  • Construction managers 
  • Civil engineers 
  • Mechanical engineers 
  • Electrical and electronics engineers 
  • Architects 
  • Information systems analyst and consultants 
  • Software engineers + designers 
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers 
  • Computer network technicians 
  • Web designers and developers 

Regulated Professions: 
professions that require licensure or certification in BC
E.g., Trades, healthcare, education etc.

Unregulated Professions:
All other professions

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    “Once more I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time and assistance with this process. You all are an amazing bunch at KCR. Keep up the great work.” – Heba A. 

    “Let me thank you and thank you for this program that helped me and is helping others like me. This program is very useful for me, I am now able to set for the PPE exam and complete all other the processes for P.Eng.” -Mustaq A. 

    Services available in English and French.

    Contact Us

    Phone: 250.763.8008
    Office: KCR Community Resources, 620 Leon Ave, Kelowna, BC

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