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Work with KCR

Thank you for your interest in applying to KCR Community Resources.

Volunteer with KCR

Community Services – Workshop Facilitator

We have teams of people who regularly deliver curriculum about board boot camps, fund development, grant writing, and volunteer management. If you have experience in another field of interest to non-profits please let us know. We can explore working together.

Contact: Dorothee, 250.763.8008 ext 254, or


Family Services – Crisis Line Worker

        • Offer emotional support to callers who are experiencing relational, personal, and mental health problems

        • Empower callers to explore their options and solve their problems

        • Supply callers with referrals and resources as required

  • Activate emergency crisis intervention when needed

Contact: Shae, 250.763.8008 ext 112, or


Family Services – Family Friend

This program matches volunteers as competent companions/support person to single parents who are feeling alone due to the stresses of parenting young children. Family Friends provide mentorship/friendship, practical and emotional support, and mutually agreed upon activities.

Contact: Katrina, 250.763.8008 ext 136, or


Family Services – Central Okanagan Family Hub

Playtime: Help support families, children, and parents who visit the Hub. Help families to feel comfortable to engage in play with their children, and to ask questions, seek out community resources they may need.

Interest Session: Is there a particular skill or interest that could be shared with parents and children that could be of benefit. (ie. Wellness, yoga, etc.)

Baby Blankets: Organizing or accessing a knitting group that may be interested in donating blankets to families with young children, or for use at the Hub and then take home with them.

Lending Library: Find and introduce new toys to the HUB, keeping it fun and interesting for families.

Clean Toys: Assisting with the cleaning schedule of the Hub to ensure toys are sanitized and safe for all ages.

Set Up: Bringing fun and creative ideas to set up play spaces within the HUB that assist with age-appropriate child development, safety, and various play activates. (ie. reading, eating, tummy play, etc.)

Contact: Ruba, 250.826.6264, or


Immigrant Services – Employment Mentorship Program

Offer one-on-one support to internationally trained newcomers on their journey to finding meaningful employment in Canada. As a mentor you will provide insight into Canadian workplace culture, resume & interview guidance, how to build professional networks, and encouragement along the way. We need mentors from all professional backgrounds.

Contact: 250.763.8008 ext 142, or

Immigrant Services – Settlement Mentorship Program

As a Settlement Mentor you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of newcomers while they transition to life in Canada. A volunteer mentor provides friendship, encouragement and support to their mentee, helping them learn more about the community, practice English conversation and meet new people.

Contact: 250.763.8008 ext 142, or


Still looking for a volunteer opportunity? Check out the Okanagan Volunteer Connector!

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