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Thank you for your interest in the Sponsor A Family Program!

At this point, because of time constraints, we are unable to assign families where sponsors can buy the gifts. 


We currently have many families that need help for basic necessities such as winter clothes and boots, household essentials and food. If you are able to provide a monetary donation – no matter how big or small – it will really help to make a difference for vulnerable families right now. 

You may also bring in Gift cards (common requests are Walmart, Superstore, Canadian Tire and Orchard Park Mall). These gift cards will be given to families so they can experience shopping for their loved ones themselves and help them to feel part of the magic this season brings.

Below is what we generally look to provide for families

  • $100 per person in family for gifts 
  • $50 per person in family for grocery cards (this enables them to shop for Holiday food themselves)

Donations of money and gift cards will be shared equitably between the remaining families so that we can ensure we meet the most urgent needs. Any and all financial donation or gift card donation truly helps!  

Any small financial donation or gift card donation truly helps and if we could have any support in any way that would be wonderful!


The Sponsor a Family Program helps vulnerable families in our community experience the joy of the holiday season!

 Why Sponsor a Family?

In 2022 we had 109 Sponsors help 165 Families (a total of 500 individuals). We have seen the need increase significantly with the cost of living rising and wildfire emergencies resulting in more families facing increased hardships and  displacement. With your support, this year we are hoping to help even more families with some Holiday Cheer.

How Sponsor a Family Works

Sponsor a family matches vulnerable families in the community with sponsors in the community to share the magic of the season. There are two aspects of  his program which makes it unique. 

Personal Matching:

One of the unique aspects of our program is that Sponsors are matched to a family they feel connected to.

“For me, I can certainly go without a bunch of gifts under the tree at Christmas, but seeing the difference it makes to my young son each year to have not only an abundance of presents, but that he is receiving items he has actually wished for; it’s the best feeling and worth squashing my pride for as I’d never be able to provide that much for him on my own!”  – Past Participant

Gifts sponsored to a family are personalized and come directly from that families Wishlist. This way we are able to ensure that families are getting the support and help they need in the areas they need it.

“So, to all the people out there who set aside time and money to help people like me, please know that it is so appreciated and important to us!” – Past participant

There are two ways to sponsor a family:


Q: Do the presents need to be wrapped?
A: Yes, please wrap the presents and put any gift cards in a separate envelope.

Q:Can I sponsor more than one family?
A: Yes, let us know your budget and how many families you would like and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Q:What is the budget?
A: To assist with budgeting, we suggest a minimum of $100/per person and a maximum of $300/per person for the personal gifts/gift cards. Also, please provide an additional gift card for either Superstore/Independent Grocer or Wal-Mart, in lieu of the holiday meal. Most families have access to these stores and the prices are reasonable. We are unable to store food items. We suggest a minimum of $50 per family member.

Q:What if my budget is under or above the suggested amount?
A: Please contact us and we will discuss your options. These include donating what you can and that being used to top up other family’s hampers or sponsoring multiple families.

Q:Can I receive a tax receipt?
A: Yes for anything over $20, please make sure you bring all the receipts of the items you purchased in an envelope with your name and address on it

Q: What if I have a special request?
A: Please don’t hesitate to email us and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Q:When do the hampers need to be dropped off?
A: The hampers must be delivered between December 4th– 8h. We will happily take the hampers earlier but please contact us to arrange a time.

Q: When will I get my family match?
A:Matching will take place November 14-21th, sponsor will receive an email around that time with the families Wish List.

Q:What will be on the Wish List I receive from the family?
A: The Wish List personalizes the giving experience by providing a brief story of their current circumstances, first names of each family member and the individual wishes.

Q:Can I meet, deliver gifts or contact the family?
A: Unfortunately no, protecting the family’s confidentiality is very important for their safety and privacy. However, Sponsors are welcome to include a card in the hamper if they would like with a personal message.

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