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Thank you!

You heard the need and responded. All of the families have been matched, but there are still ways for you to give. 

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Sponsor a Family

The Sponsor a Family Program helps vulnerable families in our community experience the joy of the holiday season!

The ways you can give are:

  1. You can etransfer to ac.rcknull@ecnanif . Please put in the note it’s for “Sponsor a Family”
  2. Drop off/mail a cheque. Please put in the memo it’s for ‘Sponsor a Family’
  3. Pay with a credit card below. 

Since 2006 this program has seen the community come alongside those who do not have the funds to provide any extra for their children during the Holidays. The families selected are working hard to rise above their circumstances and make the lives of their children better. The selected Families are part of KCR Community as they are already working with our teams for additional support. The KCR Team is familiar with the supports the Families are receiving, the needs they have and we ensure that they are not taking part in any other holiday hamper program. 

We have two unique features about our sponsorship program.

  1. Wish Lists. Our families are provided an opportunity to dream about their Christmas and create a wish list for the Holidays. This means their gifts are personalized, meaningful and really what they want!  The Wish Lists are shared with our sponsors to provide a snapshot of their match family that includes a short description of the family members and their situation as well as favorite toys, activities, and colors.
  2. Personal Matching. KCR Sponsor a Family Coordinators work with KCR Programs Coordinators for family referrals. Sponsors are provided the option to request their ideal match family. Our family’s sizes and demographics are diverse and our Coordinators strive to make the Sponsor a Family experience as special for our sponsors as it is for our families.

Why Sponsor a Family?

In 2021 we had 109 Sponsors help 139 Families (a total of 454 individuals). We have seen the need increase significantly with the pandemic and world crises, with more families facing increased hardships, displacement and rising costs. With your support, this year we are hoping to help even more families with some Holiday Cheer. 

How to Sponsor a Family as an Organization or Individual

There are two options for sponsoring a family. 

    1. Make a financial donation directly to the Sponsor a Family Program. You can choose to make any sized donation and all donations are gratefully accepted. Your donation may fulfill all of the Wishes of one Family, or it may be combined with other Sponsors to ensure all families are treated equitably. On average, a donation of $500 would Sponsor a Family of 4. Volunteer Elves go shopping on behalf of the financial donors to fulfill all of the Sponsored Family’s Wish List. 
    2. Sign up for our EBlast Newsletter so you don’t miss out on next year’s Sponsor a Family.

Steps to Register:

  1. Complete the registration form
  2. We will contact you with a Wish List from the family you are matched with during the week of November 14th – 18th. 
  3. Purchase & Wrap the items for your Family.
  4. Deliver your hamper to KCR Community Resource (620 Leon Ave, Kelowna, BC)  during the week of December 5th-9th between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm by December 10th. Email ac.rcknull@ylimafarosnops to coordinate a time.

Please follow these minimum and maximum suggested budgets:

  • $100/family member for gifts and/or gift cards. A highlight for our Families is that the parent or caretaker is remembered in the gift giving as well.
  • $50/family member for grocery gift cards for the holiday meal
  • To ensure equity, please do not exceed a maximum of $300/family member for gifts/gift cards. If you would like to contribute beyond this amount, please contact the Coordinators to discuss some options on how best to use the extra funds.

Contact Information

Contact our Sponsor a Family Facilitators, Kara Aylard and Katrina Glen at ac.rcknull@ylimafarosnops or call 250.763.8008 ext 136.


I can’t express how much stress this program has lifted from me during the holidays. Not having to worry about gifts and extra Christmas groceries allows me to relax and enjoy quality time with my children. It makes all the difference for us, and I am so grateful as a mom to be able to access this program for my family.

-Parent that was supported through the Sponsor a Family Program

It’s seriously the highlight of my holidays…
– Stacie, Sponsor for 7 Years


If you are having any trouble making a donation, please click here to be redirected to a donation page or call 250-763-8008 x256.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the presents need to be wrapped?
A. Yes, please wrap the presents and put any gift cards in a separate envelope.

Q. Can I sponsor more than one family?
A. Yes, let us know your budget and how many families you would like and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Q. What is the budget?
A. To assist with budgeting, we suggest a minimum of $100/per person and a maximum of $300/per person for the personal gifts/gift cards. Also, please provide an additional gift card for either Superstore/Independent Grocer or Wal-Mart, in lieu of the holiday meal. Most families have access to these stores and the prices are reasonable. We are unable to store food items. We suggest a minimum of $50 per family member.

Q. What if my budget is under or above the suggested amount?
A. Please contact us and we will discuss your options. These include donating what you can and that being used to top up other family’s hampers or sponsoring multiple families.

Q. Can I receive a tax receipt?
A. Yes for anything over $20, please make sure you bring all the receipts of the items you purchased in an envelope with your name and address on it

Q. What if I have a special request?
A. Please don’t hesitate to email us and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Q. When do the hampers need to be dropped off?
A. The hampers must be delivered between December 5th- 9th. We will happily take the hampers earlier but please contact us to arrange a time.

Q. When will I get my family match?
A. Matching will take place November 14-18th, sponsor will receive an email around that time with the families Wish List.

Q. What will be on the Wish List I receive from the family?
The Wish List personalizes the giving experience by providing a brief story of their current circumstances, first names of each family member and the individual wishes.

Q. Can I meet, deliver gifts or contact the family?
A. Unfortunately no, protecting the family’s confidentiality is very important for their safety and privacy. However, Sponsors are welcome to include a card in the hamper if they would like with a personal message.

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