GivingTuesday Stories: Your Generosity has left me Speechless…

GivingTuesday Stories: Your Generosity has left me Speechless…

KCR Presents GivingTuesday Stories: A series of heart-warming stories and a glance at our different programs we offer.

A single mom shares the impact her Sponsor’s generosity had on her family as part of the Sponsor a Family Program. From her words, we can learn that the act of giving goes way beyond the “stuff.” KCR Community Resources - Sponsor a FamilyIt demonstrates that our community cares and that messaging contributes to the long-term health and success of families.

“For the last month I have been trying to find the words to thank you properly for your incredible kindness but your generosity has left me speechless. Every last gift has been such a blessing in our lives…

My daughter cares for her baby as if it were a real darling infant, making her the most empathetic big sister and entertaining co-pilot on our adventures together out and about while we care for both wee ones! Her baby has had diaper changes on change tables and has already received her first shots from a real nurse <3

My eldest son wears his new sweater and swears that yellow striped shirt was made just for him as he has just been prescribed glasses, he is looking rather dapper- I didn’t think he could possibly get any cuter but he breaks his mama’s heart with his kind and gentle soul every day.

My baby boy adores his rides in the carrier and his knit pants are an imperative part of his riding outfit. He also insists on wearing his onesies all the time, I don’t know what makes them his favorite, as he is so young, but I swear it is because I know they were given in love.

I myself am proud to be considered a good mom, with the amazing gifts you so graciously gave me you allowed me the means to be a great mom. I have been cooking up a storm and my new cookware and it cuts cleaning time in half. My new vacuum might be my soul mate! LOL! You have truly filled our home and bellies with joy and laughter. This definitely feels like the easiest winter we have had thus far. Snacks and feasts have been plentiful and this heater has kept our house warm and cozy and is a much-coveted spot after bath time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your contribution to our lives has felt truly uplifting and life-altering. Sending health and happiness from our home to yours, from my grateful heart and soul.”

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