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The Christmas Sponsorship program started in 2006 in an effort to help brighten the lives of families that are working hard with local organizations to rise above their circumstance. These families are matched with the generosity of community sponsors to provide the Christmas that they cannot provide themselves.

We have two unique features about our sponsorship program.

The first is our Wish Lists. Our families are provided an opportunity to dream about their Christmas and create a wish list for the holiday. Wish lists are shared with our sponsors to provide a snapshot of their match family. Family members provide a short description of the family situation as well as favorite toys, activities, and colors.

The second unique feature is our matching process. KCR Sponsor a Family coordinators work with KCR programs as well as partnering organizations for family referrals. Sponsors are provided the option to request their ideal match family. Our family’s sizes and demographics are diverse. Our coordinators strive to make the Sponsor a Family experience as special for our sponsors as it is for our families.

Family Criteria for the Program

  • Families are in financial need this holiday season
  • Children reside in the family home
  • Families are working with family related organizations within our community
  • Recipients will NOT be accessing any other Christmas hampers


A Sponsor can be an individual, group, or organization that is willing to support the families listed in the program. A sponsor is matched with a family and provided with the family’s first names and wish list. This list provides ideas for easy shopping, as well as a more personalized experience and connection between the family and the sponsor. The sponsor provides gifts for each member of the family, as well as grocery gift cards (in lieu of food). Once the hamper is completed, the sponsor drops it off at Kelowna Community Resources and we take care of delivery to families!


Lisa Ford, KCR Family Friend Coordinator
250.763.8008 ext 136

Lisa Pillott, KCR Intake and Admissions Worker
250.763.8008 ext 121
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