GivingTuesday Stories: I Feel like I can do anything

GivingTuesday Stories: I Feel like I can do anything

KCR Presents GivingTuesday Stories: A series of heart-warming stories and a glance at our different programs we offer.

The Family Friend Program is a mentorship program for isolated single mothers with young children. Volunteers are trained and matched with single moms for friendship, support, and resources. Volunteers and Participants find this program meaningful and fulfilling.

A Family Friend Mentor shares her experience supporting a single mom:
“I feel as though I’m the only real adult in her life that doesn’t want something from her and the only adult that’s backing her up in her pursuits. There’s so much that she’s going through that I could relate to years ago when I was a single mom. The perceptions from others don’t really change when it comes to single moms. It really upsets me how people want to push you down when you’re trying to get out. KCR Community Resources - Family Friend ProgramI’ve told her that the opinions of others is irrelevant to who she wants to become. They make her nothing less than tougher and stronger. I was truly grateful to have been there for her and to say, “You got it!”.

It has been an extremely rewarding and educational experience mentoring single moms. Not only have I been able to assist them with parenting tips, community resources and personal items, I have gained an increase in patience, empathy, listening skills, and a greater knowledge of vulnerability.”

A single mom shares her thoughts on The Family Friend Program:
“I don’t have many mom friends, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to about being a parent. It is a great stress reliever to know there are people who genuinely care about you and the needs of your child. The social interaction alone, I feel, makes me a better mom.

Since joining The Family Friend Program, I have more time, I have more hope and support with my goals, more ideas and resources and more confidence. It feels good knowing I have someone in my corner cheering me on! I feel like I can do anything.”

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