GivingTuesday Stories: The Language of Friendship

GivingTuesday Stories: The Language of Friendship

KCR Presents GivingTuesday Stories: A series of heart-warming stories and a glance at our different programs we offer.

Today Amate greeted me with a gentle hug and a smile. She laughed about me standing outside in the snow waiting for her last week. We took a bus to Peter’s Independent Grocer. I haven’t been on a bus in about 25 years and had to remember how to sit so that I wouldn’t get tossed around. We both purchased a few things and as she was looking for the right amount of money to pay for, she couldn’t find enough at first and was going to put it back. A man behind me gave the cashier $5 and then did not want the change given back to him. She did find the right change in her wallet, but the man would not take his money back. I thanked him as I’m not sure she understood what had happened. When we said goodbye, she gave me another hug.

Today, we went to Safeway and Amate practiced speaking English with the prices. I learned a couple more words in her language, some I KCR Community Resources - Mentorship Programdon’t remember now as the sounds are so different from anything I have heard before. I’ll just keep practicing myself.

Then, on the way back to KCR, she spotted a small table on the sidewalk outside the main entrance and asked about. I said that I didn’t know and she replied “Garbage.” We both had such a good laugh.

Today we walked to the library and I asked her for words in her language for things like leaf and colours. We then spent some time looking at magazines, mostly for the pictures, but she was practicing reading the words. She seemed to enjoy herself. Then, on the walk back to KCR, I pointed to the sun and said how beautiful it was today and she replied with “Yes. Amate happy.”

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