GivingTuesday Stories: Support for those in Need

GivingTuesday Stories: Support for those in Need

KCR Presents GivingTuesday Stories: A series of heart-warming stories and a glance at our different programs we offer.

The Crisis Line offers non-judgemental, confidential emotional support and crisis intervention. A caller communicated that they felt that their life was not worth living, and feeling hopeless, and they wanted to die. The Crisis Line Worker on shift remained calm and assessed safety and provided comfort and support to this individual in a safe environment, which was positively received by the caller.

Later on, the caller called back to say, “I need to thank you more. You have no idea how much you saved me tonight. I will forever be grateful.”

I’ve asked one of my volunteers, “Why do you volunteer?”.. their response:
“I volunteer with the Crisis Line to help people achieve their individual goals and to provide support for those who may have no one else to turn to. Since I began volunteering, I have become much more confident in helping others and I have gained an appreciation for how strong and resilient our community can become when we all work together.”

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