Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training

Interpretation & Translation Workshop Series

RRT – TOK & Bekircan Tahberer
KCR and the Refugee Response Team are pleased to announce a series of interpretation and translation workshops.  The workshops are free to all participants and will be held virtually over Zoom between mid-January and early February 2023.

Bekircan (John) Tahberer, certified by Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC, will facilitate a range of courses for new and experienced translators and interpreters alike. These workshops include information and training on effective communication, best practices for interpreters and translators, official document translation, paths to accreditation, and working with translator agencies.

Workshop 1: Official Document Translations

Workshop 2: Best Practices for Professional Interpreters

Workshop 3: Paths to Accreditation and Certification as a Translator and Interpreter in Canada

Volunteer Management Training

RRT – TOK & Dorothee Birker
Working one-on-one with participants requires building a relationship that is appropriate for your role. Learn how in this important workshop.
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