Sharing Your Light Brings Hope

Sharing Your Light Brings Hope

How do individuals thrive, when the family – that is their everything – is hurting? They simply can’t. Community coming around those families through their support of social service agencies like KCR Community Resources makes all the difference in allowing children and parents to be their best selves. Will you Share your Light with those facing darkness today?

Financial stress, hunger, isolation and feelings of overwhelm are a reality that many in our community experience. There are many incredible organizations for you to share your donations with. Today I am making the case for you to consider KCR Community Resources as a place to holistically support vulnerable families and individuals to meet them where they are at and to provide services vital to them.

Our dedicated teams have offered services for 40 years, officially starting on October 25, 1983 as Kelowna Community Resources Society to offer life-saving Crisis Line safety net.  Dedicated to meeting critical needs on an emergent and proactive basis we have grown to serve in four key areas: immigrant and refugee services, employment services, family and adoption services and community services. Your donation today makes all the difference in allowing us to continue this work.

In 2016, we opened the Central Okanagan Family Hub to fill a crucial gap in the community: an inclusive space where along with programs, parents get support to navigate the varied resources that are available in the community and help to connect them to the most appropriate ones for them. 

Valeriia arrived in Kelowna on New Year’s Day this year, after fleeing the war in Ukraine and living in a refugee camp. She was nine months pregnant and brought with her a toddler and two suitcases. Although she already had a host family to live with, none of them knew where to turn as the new baby arrived just six days later. The Family Hub was able to provide support and resources, even though it was the holidays. As Valeriia has said, 

“I went to the Family Hub and they showed me the many opportunities that were here and they opened for me many doors. You don’t feel alone when you have an organization like KCR at your back. Now I have so much. I have friends, connections and opportunities. All because of KCR.”

Here are some of the ways that you make a difference with your support of KCR:

  • Families experiencing financial hardships get food support and personal hygiene necessities so that a parent doesn’t have to decide between buying milk or diapers;
  • Immigrant and newcomer families, are welcomed to a culturally-safe space that forges inclusive relationships;
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren, have critical connection with similar families as they parent for the second time;
  • Children access health and developmental supports at age appropriate stages.

Families are facing increasing needs. Bring them hope and relief. Cumulative effects of ongoing pandemic impact, rising inflation, increased mental health concerns, along with international strife and displacement of people, is having a profound effect on individuals, families and the community overall.

Thank you for your consideration a gift that will bring light to families. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will build more resilient families that can truly shine. When you Share your Light with the individuals and families that KCR serves, your gift makes a meaningful difference, empowering them and allowing them to thrive. Choose to allocate your gift specifically to Family Services, or direct your impact towards other services such as the Crisis Line, Immigrant and Refugee Services or Areas of Greatest Need.

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