Sponsor a Family

Sponsor a Family

As we enjoy the beautiful colours of fall and reach for our cozy sweaters and warm drinks, the staff at KCR are busy preparing for the upcoming Sponsor A Family Holiday Season. What an exciting time it is! We remember last year and the magic that happened before our eyes, as, individuals, couples, employers, families and friends came to drop off gifts for so many families. Our office truly looked like Santa’s workshop, and we were so grateful for the many “elves” in our community.

Some of the elves were older couples who said that this was their gift to each other; and on Christmas morning they would quietly think of the family opening them and smile. Other elves were children, who came in with their parents and glowed, as they passed us the beautifully wrapped parcels while telling us they helped pick out the gifts for another child. Employers dropped by, letting us know how their staff “elves” had been busy at their Christmas party collecting gifts for the families they had sponsored. So many elves and so much magic

Last year 165 families received the magic of the Holiday Season thanks to the generosity of our community. As the gifts left the office and were handed to the parents, the relief and joy we saw was simply “magical”. Tears were wept, arms were full and, in that moment, they knew that someone, somewhere was thinking of them.

If you would like to be part of the magic this holiday season we would love to hear from you.  Our community is searching for “elves” again this year, please consider KCR Sponsor A Family a part of your Holiday and experience the “magic” of the season.

When a family is sponsored, it’s not just gifts that are given…it’s hope

Sign up to Sponsor A Family here: https://kcr.ca/family-services/sponsor-a-family/

Katrina Glen
Sponsor A Family Coordinator

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