Workshop: Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond (Virtual)

KCR Community Resources - Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond

Workshop: Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond (Virtual)

Dates: June 22 & 29, 2021, 1:30 – 3:00 pm
Location: Online Education – Computer, internet & speakers/headphones required
Cost: Free
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KCR Community Resources is excited to invite you and your organization to join us virtually as we explore Re-engaging Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond. Our content will be focused on information pertaining to supporting volunteers aged 55+ but will be applicable to volunteers of any age group. The workshops are part of KCR’s Volunteer55 Project. During these free interactive workshops, we will present current information and pose questions to stimulate discussion. Informational materials and resources will be included.

In these workshops, we will explore the latest trends and tools in:

Okanagan Volunteer Fair 2021

Enhancing relationships with your volunteers
Addressing volunteer needs and goals

Virtual Volunteerism
Creating/Adapting virtual volunteer opportunities
Digital volunteer training

Social Media
Social media tool kit

In addition to learning about these topics, the workshops will provide an opportunity for you as experts in the field of volunteerism to share your experience and knowledge with each other.

These workshops are for all Central Okanagan organizations that rely on volunteers to carry out their mission.
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