10 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Holiday Activities Guide 2020 - 10 ways to give back this holiday season

10 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

The holiday season is often a time where people come together to give back to the community. Whether it be volunteering with an organization, donating to a charity, or merely making food for loved ones, the holidays are full of community members spreading kindness throughout the Central Okanagan. This year things may look a little different because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are still many opportunities to give back. Check out ten ways you and your family can make the Season a little brighter for others:

1. Offer to get groceries for someone
Many people in our community have barriers to getting the food they need, especially during the winter months. The weather and COVID-19 can drastically affect people’s mobility. One way to give back is to ensure that those around you have access to the food they need. Take the chore off of their plate and put food on it instead!

2. Donate warm clothing
Having warm clothes to bundle up in is something everyone should have access to. You can help make a difference in someone’s life by donating winter coats, hats and mittens for others to stay warm and bundled up.

3. Shovel snow for your friends, neighbours, or family members
Do you know an elderly person that might not be able to clear their own driveway? Maybe your neighbour is always rushing to work and could use some extra time in the morning? This simple act of kindness can make a world of difference to someone’s day.

4. Sponsor a Family
One way to make a big impact in a family’s life is to participate in some of the Hamper Programs in our community – check out the articles from the Central Okanagan Food Bank, Big Brothers & Sisters, Willow Park Church, Salvation Army and KCR’s Sponsor a Family to find out more.

5. Connect with someone
The holiday season often intensifies people’s feelings of loneliness. Whether it be from the death of a loved one, family living far away, or social isolation, not everybody has someone to spend the holidays with. Reach out to those around you to let them know you are thinking of them. Talk to them and let them know that they are cared for. Technology allows us to do this in so many ways, whether it be through a phone call, a video call, a text, an email, or anything else… a simple message can make someone’s day.

6. Volunteer at a Shelter
Contact your local shelter to see what ways you can help them during COVID-19.

7. Donate to a cause or organization you care about
Donating money is a great way of making sure that people have access to exactly what they need. A bonus is that money doesn’t expire once the holiday season is over, so you can make an impact throughout the entire year. Most organizations have instructions on how to donate to them right on their websites or you could find them on CanadaHelps.org. If you are unable to donate via the internet or want to donate to a specific cause within the organization, you can give them a call.

8. Offer to do errands for a friend, family member, or neighbour
Offering to do errands for someone can take a big chore off of their chest. As was previously mentioned, mobility is a huge issue for some members of our community, especially during COVID-19. Simply getting a task done for someone while you are already out is a great way to volunteer.

9. Help decorate your friend, neighbour, or family member’s home for the Holidays
Although you may not be able to go inside their house because of COVID- 19, putting lights up on a house or decorating the outside in another way can be a fun holiday activity that will bring joy to the homeowner and others.

10. Go to the VolunteerConnector and sign up for opportunities beyond the Holiday Season
Your volunteering does not have to be restricted to the holiday season. The VolunteerConnector has many volunteer opportunities available throughout the Central Okanagan. Spend some time this holiday looking through the options and signing up for opportunities that match your skills and interests.

To read more about different holiday activities you can participate in this year, check out our 2020 Holiday Activities Guide at www.kcr.ca/publications.
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