Volunteers Make an Impact by Sharing their Knowledge & Skills

Volunteer55 - Lake Country Senior Housing Society

Volunteers Make an Impact by Sharing their Knowledge & Skills

What is your name and position?
Cleopatra Ruffle, Board Member.

What is the name of your organization?
Lake Country Senior Housing Society (LCSHS).

What is your organization’s mission?
Providing Housing for Seniors in Lake Country.

Tell us about your organization.
LCSHS has been in operation for 13years serving Lake Country. We are a Non-Profit, community-orientated making a big difference.

What special attributes of your volunteer program/culture would you like to highlight?
Meeting interesting people. Working together for a common cause supporting the Blue HeronVilla.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available with your organization?
Looking for long-term Board Members with Accounting experiences, secretarial skills, and members at large. We meet once a month for approximately 1-2 hours.

Are there any special requirements, timelines, or commitments you would like to let potential volunteers know about?
Willingness to be an important, contributing part of the Board bringing their knowledge and expertise to share.

What impacts do volunteers have on your organization?
Making a difference to the community, commitment, and support to staff and residents of the Blue Heron Villa.

How many volunteers support your organization?
Currently, there are 8 Board Members volunteering between 12-15 hours a year.

Who do the volunteers interact with?
Interacting with staff, residents, and the community.

If I wanted to volunteer with your organization, what are the steps I would need to take?
Applying on the VolunteerConnector

Tell us about how you have adapted your volunteer programs during the pandemic (if applicable).
We followed the protocol set out by the Health Authority. We participated in zoom calls when necessary.

What is one of your favourite volunteering stories?
Supporting the staff and residents during the COVID season. The staff was able to function and carry out their duties knowing they had our support in these difficult times. The residents were appreciative knowing the board was there for them. They were happy and settled in the circumstance.

We want to know what volunteers mean to you.
Volunteers make an impact by sharing their knowledge and skills working together for a common cause by their commitments, meeting interesting people, and making a big difference. Volunteers are inspiring and invaluable people in any community.

Email: cleor@shaw.ca
Phone: 250.548.4040
Website: www.blueheronvilla.ca
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