Privacy Policy

KCR – Community Resources (“KCR”) is committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us in connection with the information contained in the KCR database.

In connection with the community information available in the database, we are committed to collecting, using, and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent such information is provided to us by the organizations, programs, services and groups whose information we publish and disseminate through electronic and other means.

What is personal information?
Personal information is information about an identifiable individual and includes information that relates to:
  • personal characteristics (such as gender, age, income, home address or phone number, ethnic background, and/or family status)
  • health (such as health history, health conditions, and/or health services received by them),
  • or activities and views (such as religion, politics, opinions expressed by an individual, and/or an opinion or evaluation of an individual).

Business information, (such as an individual’s business address and telephone number) in contrast to personal information, is not protected by privacy legislation.

When information about an individual is voluntarily provided as contact information for an organization, program, service or group record in the community database, KCR interprets this information to be business information for the purposes of the database unless explicitly requested in writing to treat the information as personal and/or private. If an individual does not wish to provide his/her information for this business purpose that is, as a contact for an organization, program, service or group there is no requirement to do so. Upon request, contact information can be maintained in a non-public area of the database and used for updating purposes only.

At least one item of contact information (such as phone number, address or email) must be provided in order for a record to be included in the public view of the database. However, if requested, the information can be made available internally to authorized staff to provide information to the public one-to-one through the information and referral services.

Purpose of and use of information in the database:
The primary purpose of the KCR database is to collect, organize, maintain and disseminate information about human services offered by business, government and non-profit organizations.

Information provided by an organization, program, group or service or related information about individuals in connection with records in the KCR database might be used for any or all of the following purposes either as a free service or through a fee-for-service arrangement:
  • display online in the KCR database (
  • communicate to members of the public, who request information by telephone, in person, fax or email or conventional mail
  • publish and disseminate paper and electronic versions of lists and directories
  • provide to service planners and/or social planning organizations for the purpose of creating service inventories or identifying service gaps

Organizations, programs, groups or services whose records form part of the KCR database can request in writing that their information not be included in any or all of these database uses. Permission must be given for at least one of these purposes or the record cannot be included in the database.

Email harvesting
Kelowna Community Resources makes every reasonable effort to prevent the automated harvesting of email addresses through the online database. This is accomplished by encoding the email address in the details page display. However, KCR cannot guarantee that email addresses are fully secure from automated harvesting.

Users of the Kelowna Community Resources Website
Session cookies are stored while a user is visiting the online database to support the dynamic functionality of the website. Cookies allow the website to store information on the user’s computer and later retrieve it. No personal identifying information about the user is contained in these cookies. If the user’s browser is set to reject cookies, the database will still be usable, but some of the functionality will be reduced.

Contact Information
Questions, concerns or suggestions should be sent in writing to:
Ellen Boelcke, Executive Director Designated contact for information and privacy matters
KCR – Community Resources
620 Leon Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T2
Phone: 250.763.8008
Fax: 250.763.6282

For additional information you may contact:
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
112 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 1H3
Phone: 613.995.8210, 1.800.282.1376
Fax: 613.947.6850
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