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The Christmas Sponsorship program started in 2006. The main reason for the program was to help brighten the lives of families with financial difficulty during the Christmas season.

KCR’s Sponsor a Family Program is unique because it provides Christmas sponsorship to families that are already working with community supports. The families selected are working hard to rise above their circumstances and make the lives of their children better. We are familiar with the current supports the participating families are receiving, and we ensure that they are not taking part in any other Christmas hamper program.

Family Criteria for the Program

  • Children reside in the family home
  • Families are working with family related organizations within our community
  • Recipients will NOT be accessing any other Christmas hampers

Who can be a Sponsor?

  • A Sponsor can be an individual/institution/organization that is willing to support the families listed in the program.
  • A Sponsor may give some preferences of what kind of family he/she/they are interested in helping.

Impact & Testimonials

In 2016, we helped:
  • 115 Families
  • 208 Children
  • 162 Adults
  • 370 Individuals

“Thank you first of all for all you do for the community. You offer hope and relief in so many ways. Thank you for your generous donation. This made memories to last a lifetime, definitely one to remember. My kids were so happy with the gifts they opened on Christmas morning and I was able to host Christmas dinner with my family. We are blessed beyond words. My goal is to pay it forward and teach my kids to do the same.”
– Single mom

“Thank you for so many beautiful presents. I love my pink shoes. I watched Dori with my brothers on Christmas. I drew you a flower with my new felts. I love you.”
– Four year old girl

“I cried when I received all the Christmas gifts. It was absolutely amazing to think that someone who has never met me or my baby wanted to help us that much! (Baby) loves all the toys and loved opening them all! We are so thankful.”
– Single mom


Contact us today to learn more about the program, or to become a sponsor, ac.rcknull@ylimafarosnops, or call Lisa at 250.763.8008 ext 136.

Donate Now

Click here to donate to the Sponsor a Family program.
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