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Nourishing Managers of Volunteers: Volunteer Resolutions

Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Location: KCR Community Resources, #200 – 620 Leon Avenue, Kelowna
Cost: Free
Facilitator: Stephanie Moore
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How do you assess the volunteer needs of your organization? How do you determine the best fit for new and existing volunteers? When and how do you make changes to your volunteer program?

-Source: Stephanie Moore, Project Coordinator, KCR Community Resources, December 2018

National Volunteer Screening and Education Centre – Survey

Volunteer Canada and Deloitte (with support from Public Safety Canada) have teamed up to develop a Feasibility Study and Business Model for a proposed National Volunteer Screening and Education Centre. As part of those efforts, we are releasing a National Volunteer Screening Survey to collect the raw data needed to understand this complex topic in the Canadian context.

The survey is intended for both nonprofit organizations as well as individual volunteers.

Feel free to share this information and the survey with your networks.

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Volunteer Canada Blog Link

-Source: Newsletter, Volunteer Canada, 3 December 2018

Five Ways Nonprofits can Impart Soft Skills to Volunteers

A big part of retaining volunteers is finding new and innovative ways to engage them. By helping volunteers to develop soft skills, nonprofits can enrich volunteers’ experiences. Soft skills such as the ability to gel well in a team, make sound and/or quick decisions and communicate effectively are important for any nonprofit volunteer to successfully contribute to your organization’s cause, initiatives and activities.

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-Source: Newsletter, Charity Village, Village Vibes, 19 November 2018
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