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How Nonprofits Can Keep AdWords Grants Following Major Changes—and Restore Lost Accounts

At the beginning of 2018, Google made some significant changes to their AdWords grant guidelines, including requiring an overall clickthrough rate of five percent or higher. From now on, if AdWords campaigns begin to fall below the five-percent mark for two months in a row, the account will be flagged, suspended, and eventually shut down. These dramatic changes aim to incentivize nonprofits to better use their grant money and come with benefits such as the elimination of the $2.00 cap on costs-per-click through the use of “Maximize Conversions” automated bidding.

Now that we’re well into May, many organizations have gone through the pain of having their AdWords accounts suspended. What you may not know is that once an AdWords account is suspended, Google has specific additional requirements for nonprofit organizations to keep and restore their grants.

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-Source: Newsletter, Nonprofit Quarterly, 7 May 2018

Nonprofits Can’t Afford to Ignore GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—the most sweeping change to data privacy in twenty-plus years, with extra-territorial scope—goes into effect. GDPR is designed to protect personal data, or any information related to an individual that can be used directly or indirectly to make identification. U.S. organizations that process, control, view, or store European Union (EU) personal data will need to meet the regulation’s new requirements. While there are varying interpretations, EU personal data applies at minimum to EU citizens and in the broadest interpretation, includes anyone who resides in the EU.

Nonprofits can’t afford to assume GPDR doesn’t apply to them. The stakes for noncompliance are high—penalties can be as high as 4 percent of annual global revenues—and the reality is that the regulation will impact many organizations. In addition to nonprofits with a physical presence in the EU, nonprofits with EU-based employees, donors, grantees, or service recipients are likely required to comply as well.

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-Source: Twitter, BDO NPO, 31 May 2018

Where’s Video Going? 10 Trends to Watch

Once upon a time, a focal point in the family room was a sizable, heavy box that delivered picture shows into our lives. Families arranged the furniture so you could see its magical screen while listening to its simple little speaker.

When you turned it on entertainment and information came a-flickering into your life.

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-Source: Newsletter, Nonprofit Marketing Guide, 30 May 2018

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2018

As of April 2018, Facebook had over 2.2 billion monthly active user accounts, followed closely by YouTube with 1.5 billion. Since 2012, the share of businesses using social media in the U.K. by over 20%. So, what does this information have to do with our cheat sheet?

When a user visits your social media page, as an individual or a business, the first thing they’re going to notice is your cover photo. Why? Well, it’s the largest focal point on your profile, page, or groups landing page. As you only get one photo, you only have one shot at getting it right. But, how can you make that one photo count on desktop, tablet, and mobile? Don’t fret, that’s why we’re here! Check out our social media cheat sheet 2018 to be on the top of your social media game this year (infographic embed code below).

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-Source: Newsletter, Nonprofit Marketing Guide, 30 May 2018
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