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New ‘Tort of Harassment’ Allows Employees to Sue for Damages

Recent ruling on harassment by the Ontario Superior Court is a wakeup call for employers.

Employers in Ontario are at greater risk of litigation from employees who have been harassed in their workplace. Referred to as the “tort of harassment” and “harassment as an independent cause of action,” the Superior Court ruling makes it easier for employees to sue their employer for damages resulting from harassment.

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-Source: Newsletter, Village Vibes, Charity Village, 20 November 2017

You Know you Work for a Nonprofit When…

Who would be willing to work with miniscule budgets, limited staff, ridiculous deadlines, pressure from the Board (not to mention donors), and jammed copy machines that only print every other page correctly… all while trying to save the world?

If you’re a nonprofit person, you’ll likely relate to one or more of these 23 classic situations.

1) Your friends wonder if your organization’s mission, vision and goals are tattooed behind your eyes because that elevator pitch is silky smooth.
But you give out your business cards sparingly, because you’re not sure if you can approve the budget for another print.

2) Your ED slips in a casual reminder on payday that life’s “true payment” is the knowledge you’ve help someone breathe a little easier.
So moving, so inspirational… but what’s the minimum wage again?

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-Source: Newsletter, Wild Apricot, 27 November 2017

7 Planning Steps for a Short Annual Report

One of the beautiful things about a short annual report (think 2-4 pager, infographic or video) is that you don’t have to spend nearly as much time creating the thing.

But there is a catch . . .

You have to spend more time planning it. That’s because it’s a lot harder to create something short, where you have to make strategic decisions about what to leave out, than it is to just throw everything into the document.

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-Source: Newsletter, Kivi-Nonprofit Marketing Guide, 15 November 2017

Make the Spirit of Giving a Way of Life for our Kids

The greatest gift parents can give this holiday season is generosity itself. Tweet: The greatest gift parents can give this holiday season is generosity itself.

By doing little things that inspire their kids to give back, parents can bestow a legacy of generosity that will improve the quality of life for their children and their community.

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-Source: Newsletter, Imagine Matters, Imagine Canada, 27 November 2017

How Much is Nonprofit Workplace Stress Self-Inflicted?

Last week I facilitated a workshop on the Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Linking Nonprofit High Performance to Wellbeing in Santa Cruz hosted by the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.

Part of the workshop included an assessment and reflection about the causes of stress in the nonprofit workplace. I had participants use an online polling app to type in their answers and the combined responses generate a word cloud. The word “Perfectionism” was the most frequent response. It made me wonder how much workplace stress is self-inflicted.

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-Source: Newsletter, LinkedIn Groups, 22 November 2017

How to Help when Disaster Strikes

Climate change in 2017 has brought more natural disasters to the Western hemisphere than any in recent memory. Between massive spring flooding in communities along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, raging forest fires throughout B.C. and California, and the devastation of several of the angriest hurricanes ever recorded in the Caribbean and southern United States, we are either recovering or empathizing with those who are. These disasters receive a lot of media coverage, heightening our emotional connection with those effected and creating a calling within many of us to find a way to help.

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-Source: Newsletter, Media Monitoring, Volunteer Canada, 23 November 2017

How to Build an Effective Corporate Social Responsibility Program

It’s the Catch-22 of corporate social responsibility: People expect successful companies to give back, but there’s also an ingrained public cynicism that assumes any good a business does is in its own best interest. So, how exactly can organizations make a difference in their community without creating indifference around their efforts or looking like their motivations are ultimately self-serving?

Around 2010, the Boston Pizza Foundation (BPF) felt this indifference. We were writing big cheques to a number of worthy charities and causes, but we couldn’t exactly quantify what was being accomplished. And we felt this lack of impact throughout our company – from franchisees to employees to guests.

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-Source: Newsletter, Media Monitoring, Volunteer Canada, 23 November 2017

Infographic: Big Data, Big Profits

We very well may be living in the golden age of marketing. Marketers everywhere have access to more information, quantifiable data, and often times, funds than ever before. Big data is responsible for empowering a true movement in the industry.

Nonprofits are no different and need to know how to collect and “use” this data

Utilizing all this information for good can be tricky though. There are a lot of different factors to consider, along with myriad challenges.

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-Source: Newsletter, Tech Impact, 27 November 2017

A Short Primer on Innovative Evaluation Reporting

How engaging is your evaluation report? Do stakeholders actually read it? Will they remember the findings and act on your recommendations afterwards?

Evaluators everywhere struggle with these questions. Unfortunately, many still use a lengthy, one-size fits all approach for reporting that doesn’t always meet the needs of diverse evaluation audiences.

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-Source: Newsletter, Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation, 6 November 2017

New Online Parenting Resource Bookstore – Including Translations

Thanks to a grant from the VanCity Foundation, we’ve launched a new online bookstore to make purchasing family life resources and registering for events faster and easier. You’ll also find new bulk pricing and downloadable PDFs!

We’ve translated thirteen of our most popular parenting, child development and relationship resources into Farsi and Arabic. The easy to read booklets cover topics such as fatherhood, early childhood milestones, sleep, sibling rivalry and conflict resolution.

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-Source: Newsletter, BC Council for Families, 15 November 2017
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