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2017 Salary Report

In this brand new report, you’ll find comprehensive data, including a wide variety of tables, charts and graphs, in the Canadian nonprofit sector. The practical analysis allows you to quickly translate the data into important takeaways to immediately benefit your organization.

CharityVillage’s Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary and Benefits Study is the only one of its kind in Canada, offering a complete and exhaustive survey of the Canadian nonprofit compensation landscape.

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-Source: Newsletter, Village Vibes, Charity Village, 20 November 2017

How to Compete when you Can’t Pay them More

In an ideal world, we’d all have an endless queue of experienced, well-educated, “perfect fit” applicants beating down the door and throwing their resumes in our direction in their desperation to join our teams. In the real world, it’s becoming more and more common for employers to have to “sell” their organization to prospective employees. And as a result, an important part of successful recruiting has become building a strong employer brand, so that the candidates you want to attract know who you are and want to work for you.

-Source: Newsletter, Village Vibes, Charity Village, 20 November 2017

Ask a Candid Boss: How Do I Deal with My Entire Team Wanting to Take the Holidays Off?

t’s that time of year when many of your employees want time off.

For lots of companies, this is also the busiest part of the year. At this point, you need extra hands on deck—not everyone disappearing. And yet declining vacation requests is hard. You don’t want to feel like the Grinch, after all.

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-Source: Newsletter, Village Vibes, Charity Village, 20 November 2017

Supporting Seniors & Fighting Loneliness

A BC seniors’ activity center is making great strides in combatting loneliness and social isolation and creating a model for community centers across the province.

+ With an aging population in Canada, loneliness and social isolation among seniors are gaining the attention of every level of government—in large part because loneliness can contribute to increased health problems, dementia, and even death.

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-Source: Newsletter, The Federation of Community Social Services of BC, 14 November 2017

Holidays are the Perfect Time to Instill Spirit of Giving in Kids: Survey

Raising the next generation to be charitable critical to future happiness, strong communities.

A majority of parents (89%) believe in inspiring their kids to give to charities, according to a new survey from Imagine Canada.

The online study found parents broadly recognize the value of raising children to be kind and generous.

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-Source: Newsletter, Imagine Matters, Imagine Canada, 27 November 2017

2017 Raising Charitable Children Survey

Raising the next generation to be charitable is critical to their future happiness and strong communities. Holidays are the perfect time to instill spirit of giving in kids! A new online survey by Imagine Canada found parents broadly recognize the value of raising children to be kind and generous.

The greatest gift parents can give this holiday season is generosity itself!

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-Source: Newsletter, Imagine Matters, Imagine Canada, 27 November 2017

Sharing Data & Protecting Privacy: A Case Study from Alberta

The internet has changed how we consider information: vast amounts of it are available, information accessibility is amazingly rapid, and digitalized information is immediately ready for machine use. Emerging technologies facilitate and promote data re-use and re-purposing in multiple ways that often diverge from the original purposes at collection.

Thus, many actors are increasingly considering the availability and opportunity of data, including those working in the non-profit sector. Where information about people is concerned, privacy obligations arise legally and ethically. Kiran Pohar Manhas, Jason Lau and Xinjie Cui conducted research into the privacy obligations and practices that accompany data re-use and re-purposing for non-profit organizations in Alberta. Among other things, their article analyzes best practices in data governance for non-profit organizations.

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-Source: Newsletter, The Philanthropist, 28 November 2017

Research Shows the Passionate Economics of Incentive Fundraising

Laura Gee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics at Tufts University, researches how individual giving is influenced by group dynamics. The Conversation shares news and opinions from the academic and research community. In this article, Dr. Gee shares her findings having to do with matching funds, whether they “really make people more likely to give.”

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-Source: Newsletter, Nonprofit Quarterly, 25 November 2017

Understanding Programs: A Great Unrecognized Correlate to Board Excellence

It may sound obvious, but boards cannot lead effectively if they do not understand the organization’s work. BoardSource’s 2017 study, Leading with Intent, shows just how important this understanding is.

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-Source: Newsletter, LinkedIn Groups, 16 November 2017

From Poverty to Possibility: Hope on the Horizon, But Child Poverty Rate Still High

This year’s BC Child Poverty Report is the first in many years to conclude with tentative hope that the current provincial government will take action to reduce family and child poverty. There is some optimism now as the new Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction begins work on engaging British Columbians in the process of creating our first Poverty Reduction Strategy. However, for now, life is still extremely difficult for many children and families in BC.

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-Source: Newsletter, United Way Central and South Okanagan/Similkameen, 23 November 2017
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