Safe Harbour: Respect for All

Smart. Simple. Visionary.

Safe Harbour: Respect for All logoSafe Harbour: Respect for All is about a vision in action: creating opportunities for storefront businesses, institutions, agencies, and entire municipalities to better understand and celebrate our differences, helping to create safer, more welcoming communities that support diversity and reject discrimination. Fulfilling that vision starts with local businesses and agencies just like yours.

By displaying a colourful window decal and promotional materials, Safe Harbour certified locations announce to the community that they understand and welcome diversity. Each Safe Harbour certified location is part of a growing network of smart, forward-looking businesses and agencies that are linking together to proudly embrace the richness and diversity of our communities.

1,000 Locations!

AMSSA expanded the program to Alberta, Manitoba, and Newfoundland and found a great appetite there for practical knowledge and tools related to inclusion. Over 1,000 Safe Harbour certified locations across Canada are now signed on. These diversity leaders are committed to creating welcoming workplaces and vibrant, inclusive communities.

Respect for All – Pass it On!

AMSSA is a province-wide association that strengthens its 80+ member agencies who serve immigrants and build culturally inclusive communities, with the knowledge, resources and support they need to fulfill their mandates.

AMSSA has partnered non-profit immigrant settlement and multicultural agencies in 33 BC communities to lead the initiative in their urban and rural centres. These Community Organizers increase public awareness and support for Safe Harbour: Respect for All so that it becomes widely recognized by both businesses and agencies, as well as diverse community members. Safe Harbour signals a welcoming environment for all forms of diversity.

Workshops & Support

Our Safe Harbour workshop is an investment – your staff and management will learn of ways to better serve diverse customers/clients and provide immediate support to anyone facing discrimination. The workshop is an orientation to diversity and workplace inclusion which participants will find interactive and practical. Safe Harbour certified locations are asked to take action by first signing on to three key commitments:

Building Awareness of diversity and what it means for your workplace and community.

Increasing Understanding of diversity and what people need to feel included in your workplace and community.

Taking Action to address exclusion so that people feel included in your workplace and community.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants receive a Safe Harbour window decal, a certificate, and promotional materials to display as visible markers of their respect for all. Beyond the workshop, Community Organizers continue supporting Safe Harbour locations to further their awareness of diversity through resources related to cultural competency, the needs of newcomers and diverse groups, and ways to communicate their commitments to the local community. Immigrants, visible minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, youth, people with disabilities, and other diverse groups can rely on Safe Harbour as a symbol of trust in their neighbourhoods.

For more information:

Contact Ravail at 250.763.8008 ext 152.

Visit the Safe Harbour website for more details

For the Safe Harbour Program Coordinator at AMSSA contact 1.888.355.5560 or email gro.assmanull@ruobrahefaslanoitan.
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