KCR’s Sponsor-a-Family Program: How You Can Help

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KCR’s Sponsor-a-Family Program: How You Can Help

KCR’s Sponsor a Family Program program matches generous sponsors from the community with a family. The families selected are working hard to rise above their circumstances and make the lives of their children better. With COVID again this year, we need your support. We have seen the need increase significantly during the pandemic, with more families facing increased hardships.

A mom shared her story of what the program has meant to her:
I am a single mom of four amazing children. The Sponsor a Family program has been totally life-changing for us. We left my abusive husband in 2015, with nothing to our name and at significant risk of homelessness. The journey to any kind of stability was a perilous one, but a safe home with regular food on the table was always the priority for me. Growing up, the holidays had been a really big deal in my family, which was something I wanted to maintain for my own children. But there I was, entirely alone in the world. If you can try to imagine being totally traumatized, raising four traumatized children on my own, receiving no child support, trying to maintain special needs therapies and dance classes and counselling for everyone while living on Social Assistance? That was me. With both of my parents having passed away in my 20s, there was no home to go back to and no safe place to land. Holidays became heartbreaking, and I was lucky if I could pull together a special meal and a movie night at home with the kids.

In 2018, a friend connected me with the support of KCR, and for the first time, I felt like I had a safety net in the event of emergencies. That was the first year that we participated in the Sponsor a Family program, and I had no idea what we were in for. I remember getting the call that our hamper was ready to be picked up, and when I went to the office, the staff just started bringing out giant bag after bag after bag to fill up my van. I just couldn’t even believe it! When the kids got home from school that day, it looked like we had been personally visited by Santa. They had never seen gifts piled like that! Both of the years that we have been blessed to participate in the program, the sponsors have put so much work into caring for each one of us. Not only were there gifts for each of the children, but there were also grocery cards to help with dinner and even gifts for me! As a single mom, who would think to buy gifts for me? All were chosen with such attention and respect for each person in my family and beautifully wrapped with care. All of us are just so excited for the holidays now! Now we count down to December, which has become the most supportive and exciting point in our entire year. None of us feels the pressure or the stress of not being able to pull it together anymore. This program, and the people involved in it, brought the magic of the holidays alive for us and reignited our faith in humanity. I am thankful, more than words can say, for the wonderful memories that will fill the children’s minds when they look back at their childhood holidays, which is entirely thanks to the Sponsor a Family program.

To learn more about how you can help, contact Kara, Stephanie & Lisa at 250.763.8008 ext. 136 or 121, or email ac.rcknull@ylimafarosnops.

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