KCR is Hiring: SNAPP Worker Team Assistant, South Fraser

KCR is Hiring: SNAPP Worker Team Assistant, South Fraser

NOTE: This position is located in the South Fraser

Hours of Work:

35 hours per week, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Anticipated Start date:
As soon as possible

Position Summary:
This position has two key components:
  • Assist SNAPP Workers in an administrative capacity including but not limited to assisting with organizing work and resource spaces, ordering supplies, reporting support, scheduling support and assistance with Lifebook compilation.
  • Manage a caseload of no more than 8 children

The goal of SNAPP is to work together with child(ren)’s planning teams to assist in transition planning for children in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development so that they have a clear understanding of their history, are supported in the preparation of their Lifebook and when appropriate, are prepared for their adoption or other permanent placement. In the event that the children are placed locally, post-placement supports will also be offered to the child and the family.

Reporting Structure:
Reports to Family Services SNAPP Coordinator

Prime Functions
Listening to others and communicating in an effective manner that fosters relationship building and teamwork
  • Communicates effectively; Adapts content, style, tone and medium of communication to suit the target audience’s language, cultural background and level of understanding
  • Engages child, listens to their words, validates their personal story and creates a safe space
  • Maintains ongoing communication with participants and their families
  • Acts as a member of a multi-function team, appreciates the value of diversity and uses effective communication skills
  • Provides support and education to the foster family throughout the process
  • Regularly updates members of the planning team on child’s work with the program
  • Communicates the organization’s mission, vision and values to external participants
  • Provides administrative and other supports to team members as directed by the SNAPP Coordinator

Support SNAPP Workers in administrative duties to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for the best impact
  • Assists in the maintenance of files according to CARF goals and standards
  • Collates outcome measures for reporting purposes
  • Maintains inventory of resources and organization of resources
  • Orders supplies as directed by the SNAPP Coordinator
  • Assists in compilation of Lifebooks

Researching and defining steps to achieving a successful permanency placement
    Actively participates as part of a team to develop a transition plan and regularly evaluates and modifies the plan as needed
  • Gathers and collates historical information, photographs and anecdotal stories for Lifebooks. Contacts and interviews birth family members as required
  • Seeks to understand the child’s needs and interests so that effective planning and delivery of session work can be implemented
  • Assists the child’s caseworker in his/her assessment of the child’s readiness for adoption consideration and placement
  • Develops an inventory of the child’s needs for adoption placement; Provides input in the selection of potential adoptive parents

Fostering the development of others while providing participant-centred services
  • Fosters a client-focused culture; Anticipates and adapts to client needs
  • Provides intensive emotional support to the child before, during and after transition process
  • Engages and guides the child through their journey increasing his/her understanding of their history and prepares Lifebook
  • Creates a pre-placement visiting schedule; Introduces the child to the adoptive family; Facilitates the transition plan
  • Educates, trains and supports adoptive parents, foster parents and other professionals around the preparation and support needed for children and families to be successful in their adoption journey
  • Provides support for the child throughout the pre-placement and placement phase
  • Arranges and facilitates the presentation of adoption preparation information for families and professionals as identified by the Ministry of Children and Families
  • Assumes personal responsibility and follows up to meet commitments to others

Collecting, storing and compiling program and evaluation data effectively in order to identify program impact
  • Stores all participant documents and information in a confidential manner
  • Tracks and reports data for the SNAPP program to maintain CARF and SharePoint standards and requirements
  • Evaluates program Effectiveness, Efficiencies, Stakeholders Satisfaction and Program Accessibility and outlined in the Annual Performance Measurement Report. All annual recommendations are acted upon.

  • Post-secondary education in the humanistic field; preference is given to a degree
  • Previous extensive experience working with children in areas to include developmental stages, attachment issues, trauma, loss and grief, and special needs
  • Knowledge of custody and permanency placement processes regarding children in the care of the Ministry of Children and Families
  • Cultural sensitivity and knowledge including First Nations culture and history
  • Previous experience in education and facilitation an asset
  • Excellent communication skills and an ability to work collaboratively within a team
  • Strategic thinking skills, flexibility and creativity in problem-solving
  • Good organization and reliable follow-through skills
  • Participant-focused service delivery and advocacy
  • The ability to teach others about SNAPP work when called upon
  • Clear Criminal Record check
  • A reliable vehicle (with business insurance) that can be used for work
  • KCR is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all with the passion, skill and knowledge to apply

To Apply:
Email resumes and cover letters to Nancy Kilbrei, SNAPP Coordinator at ac.rcknull@ycnan.

Application Deadline:
This position will be posted until a successful candidate is found.
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