Gratitude to our amazing KCR Sponsor a Family 2018 Sponsors

Goodwill – This year we received gifts for 115 local families in need from 100 sponsors in our community

Rejoice – Our sponsored families were completely blown away by their sponsor’s generosity

Ages – Family members, older and soon-to-be-born, were sponsored this year

Tree – One family received their FIRST EVER Christmas tree

Immigrants – New families to Canada were shown Canadian kindness

Tradition – Local families struggling to make ends meet were able to maintain holiday traditions this year despite financial strain

Unwrap – 183 children and 161 adults opened their gifts from you this holiday

Dads – Almost half of our sponsored families were 2-parent families

Exceeding – This year Sponsor a Family matched the most families EVER IN OUR HISTORY with an overwhelming response from recurring and new sponsors

We are grateful for each and every sponsor who chose to work with us, ensuring that those in need of a hand up, were offered support. Your generosity of time and resources, as well as the thought and care evident in your donations, impacts the community through the holiday season and beyond. We wish you a wonderful New Year and look forward to working with you again in the future.

  • 115 families received Christmas Hampers
  • 100 sponsors
  • 183 children
  • 161 adults

The Sponsor a Family Team at KCR – Community Resources
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