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For Volunteers

Always Free for Volunteers. Get more engaged with the causes you care about in your community.

Engage with the Causes You Care About
  • Engage with the Non-Profits you are already volunteering for
  • View details about a Cause and get involved with the click of a button
  • See the impact you are making
  • Contribute stories and photos to help promote your cause and make a greater impact
  • Easily track your volunteer hours, which helps drive donations to your cause

Join a community of local people making a difference
  • Be part of something much bigger: help strengthen our overall community
  • Find new opportunities that match your interests, skills, location or time schedule
  • Meet new friends who care about the same things you do
  • Easy to connect with other volunteers
  • Easily invite friends, family and colleagues to help out with causes you care about

Recognition and Rewards
  • Develop a profile that can be used for career advancement, networking, or scholarships (students)
  • Receive potential discounts from our business sponsors based on your efforts
  • Receive recognition from your peer group or employer
  • Have fun by engaging in challenges with friends, family and co-workers

Easier way to Communicate
  • Built in messaging system; no more phone tag or email problems
  • Provide feedback to volunteer managers to enhance your experience and their programs; have a voice

Join Today as a Volunteer

For Nonprofits

Basic features will always be free. Engage volunteers. Inspire donors. Partner with Businesses.

Better way to manage & engage existing volunteers
  • Volunteer centric community software
  • Built-in communication system
    • Save time and frustration by easily sending group messages to all volunteers, or by event or position
    • Easy to recognize and empower volunteers
  • Built-in newsfeed/intranet for your organization and our community; don’t get lost on Facebook
    • Inspire volunteers and donors by telling your organization’s stories
    • Allow your volunteers to be your ambassadors
    • Increase exposure among potential donors

Join Today as a Volunteer Manager or Nonprofit

For Businesses

This is where doing good really is good business. Volinspire is a corporate giving solution that helps you engage employees and inspire your customers.

Community & Customer Engagement
  • Enhance your external brand; get recognized for your company’s community efforts
  • Receive testimonials from charities
  • Engage general public (customers) in your company’s cause marketing efforts
  • Create a visually appealing company profile showcasing your corporate giving
  • Direct customer acquisition opportunities through embedded offers
  • Integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Employee Engagement
  • Enhance internal brand with employees
  • Recognize and reward top employees (your brand ambassadors)
  • Develop team-building initiatives in conjunction with cause marketing efforts
  • Track and endorse skill development of employees
  • Use for recruiting and retention too!

Join Today as a Business

Blog Updates – Volinspire

  • Volinspire Updates March 23, 2016 Newsfeed & Posting Stories It’s now much easier to post! You will see post boxes on the newsfeed and organization and business profiles with a much better user experience and improved design. Posting for Admins has been simplified! You no longer need to enter your Management area. In the post box, simply click beside “Posting as” and choose to post as yourself or as your organization/business. Use mentions (@) to increase recognition! You can now recognize volunteers and ...
  • Volinspire: Testimonials & Outreach March 10, 2016 Now Available, Testimonials! Let your volunteers know how much you appreciate them. Volunteer retention and productivity are dependent on if your volunteers feel recognized; learn how to easily add testimonials. Conduct Outreach Campaigns! We’ve added another way for you to find the most suitable volunteers! Volunteers can now choose to be contacted by organizations and you can view that list to find volunteers with specific skills. This feature is brand new, so this list will continue to grow ...
  • Workshop: Getting Started with Volinspire January 5, 2016 We are excited to announce the release of Volinspire, a local community platform that helps you better engage, manage and recruit new and existing volunteers. Whether you need new volunteers or not, Volinspire will help you put your volunteers first, improving communication, engagement and retention. To learn more about Volinspire and to learn how to get started in 3 easy steps, download their brochure by clicking HERE. Volinspire publicly launched in Kelowna on December 3, 2015. ...
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