150 Ways to Thank Volunteers

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  1. Just say thank you and mean it – every time for everything
  2. Learn all of your volunteers names and greet them personally
  3. Show volunteers the impact their contribution has on your organization
  4. A handwritten thank you card
  5. Recognizing the tasks and activities that your volunteers excel at
  6. Recognizing the tasks and activities that bring your volunteers joy
  7. Knowing which volunteers like gifts and which ones don’t
  8. Make them feel part of the team
  9. Provide training opportunities especially in the areas the volunteers have indicated they would like to grow and learn
  10. Invite volunteers to a social potluck
  11. Host a volunteer appreciation lunch or dinner
  12. A coffee gift card
  13. Promotional items that helps them ‘show off’ where they volunteer – a mug, a shirt, a notebook, etc.
  14. Find a reason to celebrate volunteers on Valentine’s day, St. Patricks Day, and other small holidays that you can use to be creative
  15. Recognize your volunteers during National Volunteer Week (April 23 – 29, 2017)
  16. Have the organization’s VIPs personally phone and thank the volunteer
  17. Find unique ‘gifts’ that suit your volunteers – a drawing workshop for a volunteer interested in learning to draw
  18. Recognize a year’s contribution with a unique and local gift card
  19. Volunteer Pins
  20. Volunteer Certificates
  21. Training Certificates
  22. Encouraging other staff to show their appreciation to the organization’s volunteers
  23. Encouraging the organization’s clients to show their appreciation for the volunteers
  24. Understand the volunteer’s goals within their volunteer role and help them achieve them
  25. Understand the volunteer’s goals outside of volunteering (career, personal) and help them achieve them
  26. Create something handmade and individual for a volunteer.
  27. Differentiate volunteers from each other- appreciate what makes them unique!
  28. Accept invitations to events such as performances and gallery openings
  29. Ask them what they hope to get from their volunteer experience!
  30. Offer volunteers with feedback on strengths and areas for improvement
  31. Provide a letter of recommendation
  32. Act as a future reference.
  33. Giving your time to be a listening and compassionate ear is invaluable
  34. Act as a professional role model and set healthy standards for aspiring volunteers
  35. Promote health-oriented behaviours around recreation, diet and stress management
  36. Connect volunteers to training opportunities!
  37. Provide informational interviewing opportunities.
  38. Keep burn-out prevention strategies easily accessible
  39. Include achievement tokens such as badges, medals, plaques and trophies
  40. Provide opportunities towards growing responsibility and leadership
  41. Smile! Have a sense of humour and share laughs!
  42. Be personable, include appropriate details outside the professional role.
  43. Bring in therapy dogs!
  44. Keep the environment clean, welcoming, aesthetic and safe. A little can go a long way!
  45. Every volunteer has a story- allow them to share these stories with you 🙂
  46. Include them in staff activities or outings
  47. Ask them for their input or opinion
  48. Encourage them to share their ideas on a regular basis
  49. Offer a letter of reference

Do you have more ideas that you would like to contribute? Please let us know!

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