150 Reasons to Give Back

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  1. Do something fun!
  2. Try something new!
  3. Meet people
  4. Support a cause you believe in
  5. Hang out with friends (give back together)
  6. Quality time with family (intergenerational volunteering)
  7. Provide support in a time of need
  8. To experience arts and cultural events
  9. To coach youth in a sport you love
  10. To help youth learn about becoming compassionate human beings
  11. To rescue animals
  12. To help seniors in our community
  13. To help immigrants learn about our culture
  14. To help those less fortunate than yourself
  15. To give back to your community
  16. To share your knowledge and expertise
  17. To learn new skills
  18. To add meaning to your life
  19. Help others
  20. It’s good for your health
  21. It’s good for your career
  22. It just makes you feel good
  23. Get out of your daily routine
  24. Get out of a rut!
  25. Learn about cooperation
  26. Learn about compassion
  27. Learn how much a small group of people can truly contribute to their community
  28. Follow your passion
  29. Share your passion
  30. To help vulnerable populations
  31. Because you can – if you can help another human being, an animal, or the environment, wouldn’t you?
  32. To upgrade your resume!
  33. To enter a field you are curious about
  34. To build upon research skills
  35. To network professionally
  36. To develop leadership and engagement skills
  37. To communicate creatively with society through artistic expression
  38. To stand on the shoulders of giants and find support for innovative projects
  39. To supplement your education with experience
  40. To constructively invest free time
  41. To foster awareness and respect the diversity among peoples of all races, religions, ages, abilities, gender identities etc.
  42. To build a sense of purpose and meaning within yourself and your community
  43. To use your lived experience and make a difference in the lives of others
  44. To use your weaknesses and convert them into strengths
  45. To explore and engage the other parts of yourself
  46. To engage in advocacy and create positive political change
  47. To access learning opportunities when facing a competitive job market
  48. To find companionship! Walk dogs, go on bike rides or train for a run with someone
  49. To travel the world and work in collaboration- who says you have to pick one?
  50. To stay hopeful and compassionate, even during hard times.
  51. To develop resilience and empowerment
  52. To get connected to your community
  53. To push yourself
  54. To reach your potential
  55. To help youth
  56. To make a difference in a child’s life
  57. To make a difference in anyone’s life

Do you have other ideas? Please let us know!

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