About Adoption Centre of BC

As a licensed adoption agency, we offer services for both adoptive and birth parents, following the same guidelines and standards as the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s (MCFD). While our administrative office is located in Kelowna, BC, you can have our services wherever you are in BC since we have registered social workers available throughout the province.

**Note: our services are only available to residents of British Columbia.

Services to Adoptive Parents

Mother holding babyOur agency specializes in domestic (in-BC) infant, and inter-country (child from another country) and Ministry (child from BC in foster care system) adoption placements. We promise to assist you to navigate the steps involved in adopting a child by:
  • Providing you with information about adoption options within British Columbia as well as education on key adoption related aspects
  • Helping you to identify the adoption options which are best suited to you
  • Preparing a professional home study assessment report
  • Providing assistance in preparing a profile and/or dossier to be viewed by others placing children for adoption
  • Supporting you post placement by completing required reports and by referring you to appropriate community groups and resources

Services to Birth Parents

All our services to birth parents are provided at no cost to them. We promise to assist you in developing an adoption plan to place a child through:
  • Helping you to identify and explore your options concerning your unplanned pregnancy
  • Providing you with information about approved adoptive families
  • Supporting you through the matching process
  • Planning for your time in the hospital
  • Organizing legal consent signing
  • Mediating a mutually agreeable openness agreement with the adoptive parents
  • Supporting you though the grief and loss that you will experience after you place your child for adoption

Choosing The Adoption Centre of British Columbia

As either a prospective adoptive parent or birth parent you have the choice to work with an adoption agency or MCFD. It is important to be aware of your options because it’s critical that you make the choice that is the best fit for you, which in turn benefits the children.

There are many differences between an agency and MCFD that you may want to explore including:
  • Types of families available
  • Time frames
  • Fees (not applicable to birth parents)

For a description of the types of adoption we facilitate, see types of adoption.

Adoption is a complex process and we invite you to contact us at any point in your research or your adoption journey. We will be happy to mail you an information package if you prefer that to spending time on the website.

Thank you for all your caring support during our emotional roller coaster. Words cannot express our appreciation of your thoughtfulness.
– Adoptive Parents

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