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Pregnant & Considering Adoption

First Steps | Emotional Realities | Hospital Planning | Open Adoption | Choosing a Family | Home Study | Consent Signing

AdoptionServices-300-img3Our goal at The Adoption Centre of British Columbia is to respond to you, and to your needs and choices. We provide caring, confidential support to help you understand all your options. Our trained staff will help guide you until you finally make your choice and then help counsel you afterward if you have chosen to place your child for adoption.

There are no costs to you for birth parent services.

First Steps

Starting the process:
If, after your research you want to continue to explore adoption:
  • Our birth parent counsellor that lives nearest you will contact you to arrange an initial visit.
  • The goal of the first visit is simply to present adoption information to answer your questions and to help you determine whether or not it is an avenue that you want to seriously consider.
  • There is no pressure to place your child just because you have started planning.

Emotional Realities

It is important for you to know that you may experience varying and intense emotions both while making your adoption plan and also after you place your baby for adoption. You will never forget your baby or this experience. Both will live on with you in your memory for the rest of your life.

We want to ensure that you have the support that you need as you process and grieve this loss. Our birth parent counsellor will be available to you to assist you with this and to help you make plans to move forward with your life as you need.

Hospital Planning

Your social worker will also assist you to develop a plan for your hospital stay including when you would like the adopting parents to become involved with the baby in the hospital.

Open Adoption

Despite the fact that you have placed your baby for adoption, you may still be able to receive information on your child’s development. This could be in many different forms such as emails and/or photos, and/or visits.

Choosing a Family

You will be able to view the applicants’ profile booklet and home study assessment. View some of our approved families.

Home Study

We will ensure that your child will be going to a nurturing and stable home through our adoptive parent home study process. We feel that it is essential to provide you with profiles of prospective families who will honour your child’s cultural, racial, and linguistic heritage, and who support your religious beliefs.

Consent Signing & Legalities

We will explain the legal process of adoption and will arrange legal consent signing. Your birth parent counsellor can be part of this process with you.

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