Feedback on the Process

We are very interested in receiving your feedback both positive and negative on your adoption experience with our agency. For this reason we will provide you with an Evaluation which you can complete in an anonymous manner and return to our agency. This feedback is useful as we endeavor to assist other birth parents who wish to make an adoption plan in the future.

If you have a serious concern about any of the services provided, please contact the Administrator, Deanna Notte, at 1.800.935.4237 or 250.763.8002.

It is expected that, wherever possible, complaints/participant concerns will be resolved at this informal/local level. The complaint should be brought to resolution within 30 working days or sooner.

If agreement cannot be reached, the Administrator will give you the contact information to reach the Executive Director and if still no resolution can be found, you will be given the contact information of the Director of Adoption.

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