Contact the Adoption Centre of BC at 250.763.8002 or toll-free 1.800.935.4237

Birth Fathers

It is important for a birth mother to give information on the baby’s birth father as soon as possible so that the agency can make contact with him to obtain his Medical/Social History for the baby’s well-being and also to obtain his legal consent to the adoption.

The agency will be checking The Birth Father Registry as required by The Adoption Act to determine if the birth father or anyone else is registered on that registry. If anyone is registered, the agency must, by law, contact them to discuss their views on the adoption plan and to obtain their medical and social history and legal consent.

If you have any concerns or uncertainties about providing this information, please discuss this with your social worker as soon as possible.

Emotional Realities

Birth fathers often experience a range of emotions with regard to an unplanned pregnancy. In fact, birth fathers are deeply affected by this event regardless of whether or not they experience any paternal feelings towards the child and regardless of the circumstances of their relationship with the child’s birth mother. These emotions often continue for years after the child’s birth.


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