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Types of Adoption

By the time your home study is complete, you will need to decide which type of adoption you are planning to pursue. There are three main general adoption programs within BC to choose from: Domestic, Ministry and Inter-County. Each has unique factors involving aspects like: age of children available, location of children, known risk factors, placement, and openness.

Please refer to the following table for details:
Factor: Domestic Adoption Ministry (MCFD) Adoption Inter-Country Adoption
Age of Children Newborn /under 6 months Mainly over 3 years Variable
Location of Children Within BC Within BC In country of birth
Risk Low risk Variable Variable
Placement of Child Hospital Foster homes Orphanages
Openness Letters / photos / visits Letters / photos / visits Progress reports
Reason for Placement Voluntary Trauma and safety Poverty
Availability of Children Limited 1300 plus Variable

The Adoption Centre of British Columbia facilitates all three of these types of adoption:

Domestic Newborn Adoption
Adoptions where both the birth parents and adoptive parents are from BC.
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Ministry of Children and Family Development Adoptions
Adoptions of children who reside in foster homes within BC and who are available for adoption.
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Inter-Country Adoptions
Adoptions where the child is from another country (or province) and the adoptive parents are from BC.
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Dual Jurisdiction Registrations
Our province allows prospective adoptive parents apply to a maximum of two jurisdictions at the same time. This means that you have the option of applying to more that one country to adopt. However, you can only receive one proposal at a time and you must be reassessed to adopt before another child can join you family.

Two other types of adoptions we are able to help facilitate are:

Direct Placement
A direct placement occurs when the birth parents and prospective adoptive parents already know each other and are making adoption plans.
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Step Parent
This is a primarily legal process and a home study is not necessary. If the child being adopted is between the ages of 7 and 12 a “Younger Child’s Views” report may be required. This aspect of the adoption can be provided by our agency and the rest is completed through your lawyer.

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