Contact the Adoption Centre of BC at 250.763.8002 or toll-free 1.800.935.4237

Home Study

A Home Study..
  • Begins once we have received the completed forms and the initial payment.
  • Takes approximately 3 months to complete.
  • Is done by a registered social worker who will call you to set up mutually convenient meeting times. We always attempt to find a social worker who either lives in your community or is as close to you as possible. Choosing a social worker close to you reduces mileage expenses and has the added benefit of having someone who understands concerns that may be specific to your area such as local adoption support groups or specialized health services.
  • Generally requires 5-7 visits with your social worker.
  • Has an educational component that is delivered either in group format or if not available, then on a one to one basis during your home study visits.

We will send you the package with the learning materials and additional forms (yes, there is a lot of paperwork!) you need to begin your home study after receiving your registration.

Approval as adoptive applicants
  • At the end of the home study period, your social worker will write a detailed report that concludes with either approval as a suitable adoption applicant or a recommendation that you not proceed at that time.
  • If there are any concerns regarding your readiness or suitability to adopt, expect your social worker to discuss it with you in detail before making any recommendation as you progress through the home study process.
  • Although some prospective adoptive parents find this aspect of the home study intimidating, it is a safeguard for birth parents, who have the right to expect that their child will be placed in an appropriate home.

It is the responsibility of the adoptive applicants to advise The Adoption Centre of BC of any changes in their personal circumstances after approval such as: pregnancy, medical interventions to become pregnant, bankruptcy, separation or divorce, diagnosis of a physical or mental illness, criminal conviction, and/or change of employment to name a few.

Home Study Transfer and Appraisal

If you have a current (less than 12 months old) home study and would like to use it to engage in one of our adoption options, please contact our agency directly. Requirements to update or edit the homestudy will depend on several factors.

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