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Adoption Process

Prospective adoptive parents go through several general stages in the adoption process and we’ve outlined them briefly here, with links to more detailed information.

If you already have a current home study or are in the process of a direct placement, please contact us to discuss your unique situation.

1. Contact us
We will be happy to mail you more information, meet with you in person, or set up a phone appointment so that you have a chance to ask all of your questions. Contact us today.

2. Register
When you are feeling confident about your decision to start, request that we send you a copy of the registration forms by email or mail. Your home study fees are due at the time that you submit your registration with our agency.

3. Home Study
Once we’ve received all your information we assign a social worker to begin your home study, which takes a approximately 3 months to complete. Read more about our home study.

4. Domestic Program Profile or Inter-Country Dossier Package
By the time you’ve finished the home study, you will have decided which adoption path you intend to pursue: domestic program (newborns in BC), inter-country (children from other countries) or Ministry of Children and Family Development. For an Inter-Country adoption you would prepare a dossier which would contain information as required by the country you are adopting from. For a domestic adoption you would prepare a profile. For a Ministry adoption we would prepare a profile. Our agency has developed profile/dossier checklists which will be sent to adoptive parents once their home study is completed.

5. Matching
In a domestic adoption, you will be matched when a birth parent selects your profile. In a Ministry adoption you will be matched when the Ministry social worker responsible for planning for the child selects your profile/home study. In most inter-country adoptions this child will be identified in the country of origin through a country specific process. In all cases, you will receive a proposal (aka: referral) for a specific child to review with your doctor.

6. Placement
For domestic adoptions, you would most likely need to travel to the community within BC where the child is to be born or currently resides. For an inter-country adoption, you would likely be required to travel to the child’s country to receive him or her.

7. Legal adoption paperwork
Adoption is made legal through the court system. Follow up post placement reports are required.

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