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Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a complex legal and social process. The Adoption Centre of BC’s goal is to help parents who are adopting work their way through that maze.

Our highly trained social workers use their skills to put adopting parents in the best possible position to meet their adoption goals. They will work with parents to prepare a professional home study report on who they are, and why they would make a good home for a child.

The Adoption Centre of British Columbia provides:
  • Background information: Available medical, and social background information on the birth family.
  • Counselling: Counselling on the child’s cultural, racial and linguistic heritage, and the religious values of the birth parents. Informed choices and a clear understanding of expectations are the keys to a successful adoption for everyone.
  • Emotional support: Adoption is also a very emotional process and we take care to address those issues too. We provide counselling to help adoptive parents plan and prepare for the adoption. We refer to support groups, and “buddy parents” who may be in the same stage of the adoption process. After the adoption takes place, we provide home visits and counselling to help you through those first months of new parenting.

BCID Licensed Adoption Centre
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