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Jan & Leanne

Hi! Thanks for looking at this snapshot of our life. We’ve been married since 2001 and were overjoyed to adopt Jonas in Adoption Family2009 and Liam in 2014. We are a youngish, warm and friendly family, blended together for life, with a lot of love and fun to share. All four of us feel very ready for a new baby in our family! If you choose to blend your child’s life with ours, our hearts and lives will be overflowing.

We like mellow, routine things like Jan making pancakes with the boys on Sunday mornings, but also thrive on the last-minute afternoon of fun with the quad at the river. Bike rides, back rubs and hot tub soaks are blended with off-key singing (that’s Leanne!), play fights and everyday life.

About Jan
  • Loves chatting with the boys about their day as he tucks them in bed
  • Runs a successful concrete finishing business
  • Takes the fishing boat our for some relaxing family downtime
  • Plans our annual shopping/date-night trips
  • Loves to give (and get) back and foot rubs from Leanne and the kids

About Leanne
    Adoptive Family
  • Loves reading (to the kids and on her own)
  • Likes cooking & baking with the fruits & veggies from our own garden
  • Thrives on organizing anything from family vacations to school fundraisers
  • Has a diploma in Business Admin
  • Is passionate about the pro-life movement
  • Loves being a stay-at-home mom who does the admin work for our business

About Kids, Home & Lifestyle
    Adoptive Family
  • Lego, swimming, boating, reading, games on the Ipad…just a few of the boys’ favourite things to do
  • We live in a two-storey home on 3.5 acres surrounded by farmland and homes, many with kids
  • Church, school, shopping, friends & family, swimming lessons and music lessons are all within a 10-minute drive
  • Our two mastiffs are well-loved, and a dozen chickens give us fresh eggs every day
  • We love vacations…camping trips, a hotel by the ocean, or trips to other provinces to visit family. Sunny Mexico and California are vacations the boys still often talk about.

This is just the start of who we are. We hope and pray our journeys may cross someday as you consider making an adoption plan. Our connection with our sons’ birth families has given us so much more respect and appreciation for everyone involved.

Adoptive Family
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