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Our Services

KCR is a multi-service agency offering programs and projects in four over-arching areas:

Community Services for the Central Okanagan

We serve the Central Okanagan through our Community Services, connecting all to volunteer opportunities and resources in our community.

Family Services

Using a family-centred approach, we offer a variety of services to parents and children promoting healthy development of children in our community.

Adoption Services

We offer support services to children in care, their families, adoptive parents and birth parents.

Immigrant Services

We offer comprehensive settlement services helping Immigrants of all ages and nationalities integrate into Canadian society including life skills, employment services, friendship opportunities and activities encouraging our community to be welcoming to all.

Employment Services

We provide specialized employment services to individuals in order to help them overcome barriers to employment.

Further Services

You may be eligible for public assistance, such as a subsidy for childcare services or income assistance. During the intake process, staff will discuss the various forms of assistance that may be available to you and assist you in accessing public assistance should you require it.

For your information on other community services, KCR manages a Community Resource Directory listing all non-profit and government services in the Central Okanagan. Click to download a sample of the directory’s table of contents, or call us to purchase your copy.

Accommodating Special Needs and Requests

As part of our commitment to providing accessible services to all participants, we make efforts to minimize the impact of potential barriers to participating in services. We do our best to accommodate needs related to disabilities or special requests related to how we deliver our services, such as a request for a staff person with specific characteristics.

If you have a disability that requires some accommodation or a request you would like to make, please contact us and ask to fill out a request form, or,

After Hours and Emergency Services

Most services offered by KCR are provided during regular business hours. Should you have a need for support or an emergency outside of those hours or should you be unable to contact staff, we encourage you to access other support and services appropriate to the type of need or emergency you are experiencing. This includes:

Crisis Line:

Call 1.888.353.2273

Medical Needs or Emergencies:

  1. Call 911 in the event of a medical emergency
  2. Access your local walk-in clinic for non-emergency medical care
  3. Contact Healthlink BC for medical information and advice at 811

Need for Respite Care

  1. Contact the Ministry of Children and Family Development for Emergency Respite Care

Family or Mental Health Emergency

  1. Contact Mental Health hotline at 310.6789
  2. Contact the Ministry of Children and Family Development
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