Our Code of Ethics

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All staff at KCR strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical responsibility and will:
  • Respect the intrinsic worth of the persons we serve.
  • Effect social change for the overall benefit of the community Be an integral part of the agency and embody its philosophy and mission statement.
  • Act with integrity in association with participants, community partners, volunteers, and coworkers.
  • Abide by the standards and policies set out in the KCR.
  • Be competent in the performance of the services and functions undertaken on behalf of persons we serve.
  • Act in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner.
  • Maintain a professional participant-staff or volunteer-staff relationship while employed with KCR.
  • Protect confidentiality whenever legally able to do so.
  • Ensure that outside interests do not jeopardize our professional judgment, independence or competence.
  • Work for the creation and maintenance of workplace conditions and policies, which are consistent with excellent practice standards.

All staff must understand and apply the Code of Ethics as a guide to their behaviour in work and work-related activities. All staff have an influential position as role models for the participants and as representatives of KCR. Therefore, the behaviour of staff must be ethical, respectful, and competent at all times. Violation of these standards has the potential to seriously damage relationships with participants and may be grounds for dismissal.

Note:staff refers to any person involved in KCR who interacts with any participant or their family, and shall include (but not be limited to) all paid employees, practicum students and volunteers.

Professional Conduct

Staff must be sensitive to the profound social responsibility they have due to the fact that their work intimately touches the lives of others. Staff behaviour during work-related activities must always be professional. At a minimum, staff will:
  • Maintain professional objectivity and self-discipline so that each participant’s needs remain the primary focus.
  • Avoid using unprofessional language and name-calling.
  • Uphold the highest standards of confidentiality regarding all sensitive information. See policy on Confidentiality.
  • Maintain cooperative and respectful relationships with KCR colleagues and Program Managers.
  • Comply with KCR policies, procedures and guidelines.

Personal Conduct

While KCR respects the individuality of each staff member, the sensitive nature of KCR work requires some reasonable bounds on behaviour. Staff will model the behaviour of healthy adults and limit the possibility of being falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour. This includes:
  • Avoiding physical contact with participants that may even be remotely construed as being excessive or having sexual contact, whether the contact is initiated by staff or the participant.
  • Maintaining professional behaviour when involved with participants or program alumni in non-program activities, including planned and non-planned encounters.
  • Being mindful of their own sexuality, beliefs, and values, and how their actions and/or conversations may be interpreted by participants.
  • Declining to lend or borrow money and/or property from participants.
  • Avoiding behaviours/statements that could indicate personal use of illegal drugs or personal dependence upon alcohol and/or legal drugs.
  • Maintaining a constant awareness of his/her choice of dress and how it is, or may be, perceived by participants and community members.

Clinical Conduct

Staff responsibilities as competent workers include, but are not limited to:
  • Being aware of and facilitating the delivery of services appropriate to each participant’s physical, medical, emotional, social, educational, and vocational needs.
  • Respecting the unique culture, religion and race, and other differences in participants.
  • Promoting the establishment of a therapeutic atmosphere conducive to the healthy growth and development of participants. At no time will staff participate in, or permit to occur, any willful physical abuse, physical punishment, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, psychological abuse (including humiliating, threatening and exploiting actions), and fiduciary abuse.
  • Recognizing the need to further both his/her own knowledge and skills as well as assisting others to further themselves. This includes adding to the professional body of knowledge through involvement with research.
  • Appreciating the importance of other related disciplines in the delivery of service to the participants.

Business/Marketing Practices

KCR will uphold the highest legal and ethical standards in the conduct of its business. Staff will:
  • Only conduct approved fundraising and solicitation activities.
  • Follow established accounting procedures.
  • Market KCR accurately and appropriately.
  • Appropriately use vehicles, communications equipment, and other KCR property.
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