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We are passionately committed to empowering individuals through the delivery of our services and solutions, firm in the conviction that we all have a responsibility one to another and that our community is made stronger through our work.

KCR is a socially responsive non-profit society and a registered charity providing services since 1983. The society is operated under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday, Open 8:30 am – 12 noon & 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

We offer groups and services outside of these hours by appointment.


KCR new building

620 Leon Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T2

Accessing our Services

Our programs provide services to various groups and individuals in our community. Each service has its own service process and program expectations. For basic information on any of our programs, please see the services overview section our website. For detailed information about specific programs, click on the main site navigation links to view, or call us we will be glad to help.

Our Staff

KCR employs staff who are knowledgeable, experienced and competent in the services they offer. We are passionate about the work that we do and the persons we serve.

Health and Safety

We take the safety and security of both our participants and our staff very seriously. We have health and safety policies and procedures that our staff are familiar with and are required to follow. We maintain our equipment and facilities consistent with all applicable laws and regulations. We have regular Health and Safety meetings within the agency to address safety concerns. If you have an questions about safety or have any concerns, please feel free to ask our bring items to our attention.

Emergency Preparedness

Our organization has a series of policies and procedures in place designated to ensure safety in the event of an accident or other kind of emergency. Staff are familiar with these procedures and have specific training, such as First Aid to deal with these situations. If you have any questions about emergency preparedness or about the training that staff receive, please feel free to ask.

Board of Directors

  • Rob Peter, President
  • Kimberly Darling, Past President
  • Laura Thurnheer, Vice President/Treasurer
  • David Brown, Secretary
  • Michelle Rogers, Director
  • Dr. Edward Taylor, Director
  • Peter Boyd, Director
  • Bill Thompson, Director

For more information on our Board of Directors, please visit the Board of Directors page.

As an Organization, We are Members of:

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