Mental Health Resources

There are places to turn when you need help.

When you are having a mental health crisis

If you feel you or a loved one of any age are having a mental health crisis and need immediate service:

STEP 1 – Phone your mental health worker, if you have one

STEP 2  – Contact your family doctor or a walk-in clinic

STEP 3 – Call the Crisis Line 1.888.353.2273 or the Suicide Line 1.800.784.2433

STEP 4 – If you have taken poison or overdosed call BC Poison Control 1.800.567.8911

STEP 5 – Call the BCHealthLine 8-1-1 OR TTY 7-1-1

STEP 6 – Call 911 ask for an ambulance or police to assist you to get to the hospital

STEP 7 – Go to Emergency at Kelowna General Hospital, 2268 Pandosy Street